Residency programme

The Jupiter Artland residency programme provides a unique space and creative opportunity for leading established artists

With the provision of a bothy and studio, invited artists are free to use the space and opportunity as they wish - for instance, as a holiday home, a bolt hole or permanent working space for the duration of the residency.

We ask for a proposal of work from each invited artist which, if mutually agreeable, will result in an outright purchase of work or a commission to produce a piece in situ.

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The residency provides a unique opportunity to live and work near Edinburgh in a lovely country house setting, surrounded by inspiring works by contemporaries. For those that have already enjoyed a Jupiter Artland residency it has provided an inspirational break from their normal life circumstances.

Cornelia Parker was in residence over the summers of 2008 and 2009.

Alec Finlay was in residence May 2010.

In 2012 Jupiter Artland awarded a 3 week residency, as part of the University of Arts London’s “Shaping Sculpture” year, to a new UAL graduate. Henry Castle won the prize and took up his residency at Jupiter in August, his proposal was so impressive that he was commissioned and his work will be installed later this summer.

For more information please contact john@jupiterartland.org

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