Charles Jencks contributing to ambitious urban redevelopment in Ayr 5th April 2017 / Exhibitions Team: Sandra An elegant new waterfront complex is to be built in the centre of Ayr, a historic county town 40 miles south-west of Glasgow. The masterplan, presenting the ‘Ayr Riverside Block’, was drawn up by Níall McLaughlin Architects in collaboration with landscape artist and Jupiter’s own, Charles Jencks.

The new riverside block will occupy the square formed by the medieval ‘Auld Bridge’, the Victorian ‘New Bridge’, the River Ayr, and the High Street of the town. For over half a century, this prominent site has been taken up by a series of warehouses blocking the way to the river. These dilapidated, largely derelict buildings are now to be replaced by elegant contemporary structures and a new embankment, presenting a panoramic view and providing access to the river.

By transforming the central riverfront of the town, the project aims to create a new cultural hub ...
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One of Antony Gormley’s ‘Land Sculptures’ has found a permanent home in Kintyre 5th April 2017 / Exhibitions Team: Karolina An abstract human-shaped sculpture by Antony Gormley has been given a permanent home in Kintyre on the rocks below Saddell Castle. The sculpture, called GRIP, is one Gormley’s five Land figures, made in 2015 to commemorate the Landmark Trust’s 50th year.

The Land sculptures were placed at Landmark Trust properties around the country and remained in place until May last year. While the other four were removed, and returned to Gormley who will use them for future projects, GRIP was recently bought and given to the Trust by an anonymous benefactor. It has since been given planning permission by Argyll and Bute Council.
Looking out over the Saddell Bay towards the Isle of Arran, GRIP lives amongst the elements and, in Gormley’s words, ‘is like a marker in space and time, linking with a specific place and its history but also looking out towards the ...
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Getty Research Institute acquires works by Ian Hamilton Finlay to show in new exhibition 27th March 2017 / Exhibitions team: Sandra Opening soon at the Getty Research Institute is ‘Concrete Poetry: Words and Sounds in Graphic Space’. The show will explore the themes and ideas of concrete poetry, an international movement merging the realm of visual art with that of literature. Concrete poets held that structure and design were central to the meaning of poems, which were seen as spatial as well as literary constructs. In line with this idea was the poets’ experimentation with form and content, resulting in a series of unconventional pieces and new forms, such as posterpoems, cube poems, standing poems, and digital poems. As the Getty’s modern and contemporary collections curator, Nancy Perloff, puts it: “By rejecting traditional syntax and utilizing graphic space for both structure and meaning, concrete poets made the sound and shape of words their explicit field of investigation. Concrete poetry made language visible.”

‘Concrete poetry’ will feature over ...
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Andy Goldsworthy and Ian Hamilton Finlay at Laumeier Sculpture Park’s 40th Anniversary Exhibition 20th March 2017 / Exhibitions team: Sandra Opening soon at Laumeier Sculpture Park is ‘Drawing from the Collection: 40 Years at Laumeier’, a group exhibition featuring works by internationally acclaimed artists, including Jupiter’s own, Andy Goldsworthy and Ian Hamilton Finlay.

The show is part of a year-long programme celebrating the 40th anniversary of Laumeier Sculpture Park and commemorating its opening in 1976. Displayed on-site, at the Adam Aronson Fine Arts Center, are a selection of drawings, sketches, prints, collages and photographs, made in preparation for sculptural commissions at the Park. These exhibits reveal the different methods and techniques artists use for creating their work, and serve as illustrations to their creative processes.

As Laumeier’s Curator of Exhibitions, Dana Turkovic, expressed: “The exhibition focuses on the unique way these artists approach drawing as a method used to brainstorm, engineer, translate and complement their three-dimensional creations. There is an immediacy in the ...
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Jupiter artists raise funds for restoration of historic Mackintosh building 13th March 2017 / Exhibitions team: Sandra It has been nearly three years since a devastating fire wreaked havoc at the Glasgow School of Art. In May 2014 the west wing of the iconic Mackintosh building was engulfed by flames which left the illustrious library gutted, barring a few charred timbers and some scorched debris.

Thanks to a project titled ‘Ash to Art’, these remains have now been reborn as works of art which successfully raised money for the rebuild of the Mackintosh masterpiece. Through this project, contemporary artists received fragments of the burnt building from which they were to make new work. Each artist was sent a specific piece, with some information on its original purpose and location in the building, as well as a brief explanation of the ‘Ash to Art’ project. They were then given complete freedom to create whatever they wished from what they had been given.

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Anish Kapoor‘s First Solo Exhibition in Cuba Focuses on Ideas of Fullness and the Void 3rd March 2017 / Exhibitions Team: Karolina On show at Galleria Continua in Havana is Anish Kapoor‘s first solo exhibition in Cuba. The artist‘s work has been exhibited in Cuba twice before; first when Kapoor took part in the XII Havana Biennial with site-specific installation WOUNDS AND ABSENT OBJECTS, and last November he was part of Follia Continua! 25 años de Galleria Continua where he exhibited ENDLESS COLUMN.

For this exhibition, simply titled Anish Kapoor, the artist continues with his exploration of the polarities between fullness and void. On show are five sculptures that manifest these polarities and provide a survey of the way we perceive things.

For Kapoor, a negative space is not necessarily a complete void; people constantly fill it with their expectations and fears, that way, his sculptures always contain a possibility. Much like the artist‘s installation SUCK here at Jupiter Artland, these works, particularly DESCENT INTO ...
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Laura Ford and Samara Scott at Turner Contemporary 3rd March 2017 / Exhibitions Team: Sandra Currently running at Turner Contemporary in Margate is ‘Entangled: Threads & Making’, a major group exhibition bringing together a diverse body of international works. The 45 female artists featured in the show come from a number of different countries including Iceland, Greece, Japan, and the United States. Some active in the last century, others creating works today, these artists represent vastly different artistic generations. Thus, this exhibition shows young artists next to historic figures of twentieth-century art, providing an opportunity for the former to respond to works by the latter. The show involves a number of different media from textiles through sculptures to installations.

Using carpet, yoghurt, and food colouring, Samara Scott turned the elevator of Turner Contemporary into an immersive artwork – a transformation similar to that of Jupiter Artland’s Tin Roof Gallery in 2015. Laura Ford also exhibits in ‘Entangled’, with a group of ...
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Nathan Coley at London’s Parafin Gallery 21st February 2017 / Exhibitions Team: Sandra For the first time in five years, Nathan Coley’s work is exhibited in London. Recently opened at Parafin Gallery is a solo show presenting Coley’s latest works, created by the artist over the past two years.

The centrepiece of the exhibition, ‘Tate Modern on Fire’ (2017), is an architectural model depicting the prominent museum engulfed by flames and billowing black smoke. The fire is an imaginary event, to which the artist wrote a fictional response articulating the horror and sorrow he felt upon receiving the news. This work signifies the profound connection people can form to places and buildings, bringing to mind the recent fire at the Glasgow School of Art and the public’s reaction to its demise. It might also refer to the increasing terrorist threat facing Western institutions over the past few years. This would not be the first time Coley depicted a building ...
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Beautiful Minds by Anya Gallaccio at Thomas Dane Gallery 10th February 2017 / Exhibitions Team: Sandra Currently on display at Thomas Dane Gallery in London is a monumental installation and artwork-in-the-making by Jupiter’s own Anya Gallaccio. “Beautiful Minds” comprises a 3D printer and a large-scale clay sculpture, the latter being created by the former while on display. Each day, the printer pumps out coils of wet clay in horizontal layers, gradually building up a series of hexagonal columns in the gallery. The resulting structures echo geological forms found in the Devil’s Tower in Wyoming, which is the mountain modelled by the work. Natural formations often inspire Gallaccio’s works, as is the case with “Beautiful Minds” as well as with “The Light Pours Out of Me”, her permanent piece at Jupiter Artland.

“Beautiful Minds”, an artwork created from a natural material with modern technology, dissolves the boundaries between the realms of art, science, and nature. The work blurs the line between different artistic ...
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Ian Hamilton Finlay, Jessica Harrison & Katie Paterson at Talbot Rice Gallery 8th February 2017 / Exhibitions Team: Sandra A new exhibition titled 'Between Poles and Tides' is opening soon at Talbot Rice Gallery, showing a selection of contemporary artworks acquired by the university in recent years. Amongst the 12 artists shown in the exhibition are Jupiter Artland's own Jessica Harrison, Katie Paterson and Ian Hamilton Finlay.

Works on display will include Painted Lady 14, 15 & 16 (2015), three tattooed figurines made by Jessica Harrison. These works call to mind her installation Broken, on display here in 2014. In both series of works, the artist made alterations to clichéd ceramic objects thereby commenting on questions of femininity, the female body, and societal expectations towards women.

Katie Paterson’s Timepieces (2014), an installation comprising 9 modified clocks telling the time on every planet in the solar system, will also be shown at Talbot Rice Gallery. Another one of her works included in the ...
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Friday Afternoons - 5,4,3,2,1... Friday FUN! 3rd February 2017 / Learning Team If space is the final frontier, these children are the pioneers of the future, that will lead us into the stars. A more knowledgeable and creative crew you could not find. This week, our Friday Afternoon Littlesparks shared thoughts on galaxies far away, understanding of dancing auroras, and plans for rockets and rovers to take us to distant worlds. The seamless way in which the children move from concept to creation is thrilling to watch, and even more exciting when they choose to work together, as they so often do. Learning to share, listen and collaborate is a huge part of what we do here, and the places this takes us to are every bit as exciting as new planets. When we follow the child, the explorations and adventures never stop.
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Tara Donovan at the Milwaukee Art Museum 3rd February 2017 / Exhibitions Team: Sandra Currently on show at the largest art museum in the state of Wisconsin is “Paper Play: Kindergarten to Contemporary Art”. This group exhibition presents works by six contemporary artists, linking them together by their very material: paper. The works on display were made by folding, cutting, weaving or stacking paper, demonstrating the ways in which such an ordinary material can be used to create extraordinary objects. Amongst the artists included in the show is Tara Donovan, whose monumental sculptures were exhibited at Jupiter Artland in 2015.

“Paper Play” is located in the Kohl’s Art Generation Gallery, the space dedicated to the joint project of Kohl’s Cares and the Milwaukee Art Museum aimed at bringing art and creativity to children and their families. As suggested by its title, the exhibition strives to connect children with contemporary art. To engage its young audience, the gallery complements the display ...
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Sam Durant Reflects on Marginalised American Histories in Los Angeles 31st January 2017 / Exhibitions Team: Karolina It’s the last few weeks to catch a solo exhibition of new work by Sam Durant at Blum & Poe, Los Angeles. ‘BUILD THEREFORE YOUR OWN WORLD’, the exhibition draws its name from a title of an essay by Ralph Waldo Emerson and shows work centred on marginalised American histories.

Durant has long been interested in the political dimensions of cultural events such as the Civil Rights Movement and the relationship between Native Americans and settlers, and for this exhibition he has combined objects drawn from the lives of African American thinkers with elements inspired by transcendentalists such as Emerson himself and Henry David Thoreau.

One of the works on show is a large scale architectural structure based on the first houses built by and for the first free and emancipated Africans in Revolutionary Massachusetts. Also featured are sculptures that integrate objects related ...
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Woodland LIttlesparks and A Red Wearing Friend 2nd December 2016 / Learning Team The last day of term brings with it a lot of emotions and new feelings. This Woodland Littlesparks class had to say goodbye and good luck to two beautiful friends. To our friends- thank you so much for all the play you brought, the dinosaurs roars and leaf throwing antics- you will both be missed. To give them a proper send off our last day was jammed pack with activities including fire building, face painting and searching for signs of a mysterious letter-leaving visitor. Winter is now upon us with frost bitten leaves and dappled white Jencks...but also found in the woods were glitter trails and sleigh tracks- they can only be an indicator of one person at this time of year! Our woodland adventurers scavenged for more signs of Santa all around the Artland and their diligence-and being the most wonderful children all term –led them ...
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Jim Lambie Plays on History at The Modern Institute 1st December 2016 / Exhibitions Team Currently on show at The Modern Institute is JIM LAMBIE: ELECTROLUX, an exhibition by renowned artist and Jupiter Artland’s own, Jim Lambie. Marking Lambie’s sixth solo exhibition at The Modern Institute, it features a recent body of works that includes sculpture, painting and a large-scale installation.

With a new large-scale installation from which the exhibition draws its name, Lambie plays on the building’s history as a former wash house by filling the Institute’s Osborne Street space with seven domestic washing machines. The washing machines have been painted in pastel colours and then coated with a matte finish, making them look like replicas carved from foam. Thus, they have become non-objects that question both ‘the ambiguous space between the real and the imitation,’ and the uncertainty when one’s established understanding of a particular object is challenged.

Also featured in the exhibition are steel grid ...
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Antony Gormley's Object and Fall Suspended from the Ceiling at the National Portrait Gallery 24th November 2016 / Exhibitions Team World renowned artist Antony Gormley is perhaps best known for exploring the relationship between the human body and space with either monumental or life-sized sculptures that dominate their space, such as THE ANGEL OF THE NORTH or ANOTHER PLACE. Currently on display at the National Portrait Gallery is one such of Gormley’s sculptures.

A life-size cast-iron copy of Gormley’s own body called OBJECT is suspended from the ceiling of the gallery’s Ondaatje Wing Main Hall, and thus in a position of maximum exposure both from the ground floor and as visitors ascend an escalator to the Balcony Gallery on the first floor. This installation is part of Gormley’s first exhibition at the NPG and the first time a work has been suspended from the Main Hall’s ceiling.

By being suspended from the ceiling the figure is effectively occupying a void; OBJECT energises space ...
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Woodland Littlesparks - Light a Fire! 18th November 2016 / Learning Team Following on from last week we began by unfreezing our purple ‘hand’ sculptures, learning about the affect of salt on ice. Practice makes perfect they say- so we practiced at doing yet another fire today at Woodland Littlesparks.  Fires are a great way of encouraging health and safety awareness, interpersonal skills- as you share stories over marshmallows -and of course it is a good way to stay warm on these cold days. As we trekked around the Artland, some gathered wood for the fire, ferns for a moustache and another friend remembered about our secret rope swing. Beside the fire it was so impressive to see how careful and safe all our Littlesparks were beside the fire. It has been so special  week by week to watch them all grow in confidence as their familiarity of the site grows. Each little woodlander has taken on their own roles and jobs; ...
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Christian Boltanski’s Animitas at Tokyo’s Teien Art Museum 18th November 2016 / Exhibitions Team Currently on show at the Tokyo Metropolitan Teien Art Museum is Christian Boltanski’s first ever solo show in Tokyo. The Teien Art Museum is a former residence of Prince Asaka; a building filled with history and memories of its former residents and visitors, and is thus a truly fitting location for themes such as memories, life and death, all recurrent in Boltanski’s work.

This particular exhibition was inspired by the building’s history and the departed souls that have taken possession of it through the years. In order to capture these perceived presences or ghosts at the Teien, Boltanski has used a variety of media, including photographs, sound tracks and video installations.

Among works on show is the artist’s extraordinary installation from which the exhibition takes its name, ANIMITAS. Exhibited permanently in the grounds of Jupiter Artland, ANIMITAS is composed of over 200 small ...
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Woodland Littlesparks-Impromptu Potions and Leaf-tapping 11th November 2016 / Learning Team Whilst waiting on our friends to to arrive, some of our woodland folk started to make some impromptu potions… some filled funny gloves with water and leaves, others chose stones.. and everyone added a splash of purple paint! As we lined them up in a row of funny shapes one little girl asked:  'I wonder what will happen if we freeze them?' Great question and a nice way to start next weeks class. Here at Jupiter Artland our ethos is to follow the child's interest, not the adults, so we cant wait to see what our purple potions will look like when frozen. As we traipsed off to the lower Woods we were looking for a special base camp in which to lit a fire. Our Woodland LIttlesparks chose the perfect spot and for the following weeks we will build on this activity, encouraging our woodland adventures to gather their ...
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Jupiter Artland wins Creative Edinburgh City Award 2016 11th November 2016 / Exhibitions Team The winners of the 2016 Creative Edinburgh Awards were announced last night and we are very excited to announce that we took home the 'City Award'.

This category recognises an outstanding creative contribution or activity that has promoted Edinburgh nationally or indeed, internationally, or work that has incorporated or utilised an Edinburgh city space or cultural idea specific to the city.

After being nominated for the Art Fund Prize for Museum of the Year 2016, the 'City Award' is topping off an incredible year for Jupiter Artland.
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