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Jupiter ARtland: IN Minecraft

Jupiter Artland is dedicated to engaging new audiences through digital development and as part of a continued partnership with the Centre for Interactive Design at Edinburgh Napier University that has developed an iBook, audio guide and free app for the iPhone. The next stage of this project was the development of the Jupiter Artland environment within the digital world of Minecraft. Currently over 21 million people in the world own the Minecraft game, where players work together to build and create their own worlds in an incredibly imaginative and creative way - it's almost like a digital lego. Agnieszka Banach, during her final year student in Edinburgh Napier University, built an immersive digital experience of our 100 acre site of sculpture within the landscape using Minecraft.

Because this partnership and project is not just about the creation of the digital Jupiter Artland but is also about investigating user interaction of mixed reality environments, we created a mixed reality game where teams worked in the virtual and physical Jupiter Artland locating treasure linked to digital storytelling. Beacons were used to trigger interaction with the real space, revealing storylines and delivering clues within the game. The project was presented as a mixed reality experience at the Edinburgh International Science Festival 2016.

Before launching Jupiter Artland: In Minecraft we wanted to test the digital world on a group of school children, who knew the physical Jupiter Artland well. 
With the whole school having visited in 2015, Ratho Primary School seemed like the perfect school - and the P5s and their teacher Ms Tumblety were so excited to work with us. It was fantastic to see the Minecraft version of Jupiter Artland come alive as the children navigated their way around, bumping into each other along the way. They hunted for the 'Weeping Girls', attempted to teleport to 'Lovebomb' and climbed the light blocks of 'You Imagine What You Desire'. The P5s were given some homework to design mythical creatures inspired by Scottish Fairytales that would live in Jupiter Artland: In Minecraft and this app is now available to download for free from the Google Pay Store.

Watch our video below how the P5 students from Ratho Primary School embraced the project.

If you would like to explore Jupiter Artland with all its beautiful landscape and exciting artworks within the interactive world of Minecraft, you can now download the map and additional resources below:

For more information about Minecraft, how to play Jupiter Artland in Minecraft or how to install all of the necessary files go to our FAQs section.
Our Minecraft world is currently not available for Minecraft Windows 10 edition but we are working on it. More information abou the development of this project can be found in our Projects Section, under the Learning heading. 

Be inspired, be creative and share your creations by sending us screenshots via learning@jupiterartland.org