28-29 July 2018

Curated by Sian Dorrer (ACID PRAWN) and Matilda Strang (SUPERNORMAL), ROMANTI-CRASH! presented an anarchic and immersive deconstruction of the quintessential 'big day', interweaving ideas about the evolving nature of matrimony with sound, performance, discussion and creativity.

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"A truly memorable, very funny night, spent revelling in art, music and nature."
The Quietus

"...a powerful overview of cutting edge avant-garde music and of Scotland's most distinctive and well-programmed small music festivals of 2018." 
The List

"Jupiter Artland delivers an ambitious and hugely fun celebration of what marriages between art disciplines might achieve, now that weddings have moved beyond their heteronormative history."
The Fountain

"More festivals like these might just connect Edinburgh to Glasgow's more audacious art scene."
Edinburgh Reporter