SELF-fulfilling ego

Marco Giordano

The Temporary commission for Emerging Artists in the Outdoors for 2017 is by Italian artist Marco Giordano, who lives and works in Glasgow. His work spans across multiple mediums that include painting, sculpture and installation. He often involves groups of people to produce certain elements of his work which acts as a conductor to his research. By inviting members of the community to contribute to his research, his aim is to clarify the complex processes locked behind what it takes to make art and exhibitions.

For the artist’s first outdoor commission he has drawn interest from Le Cento Fontane (The Hundred Fountains) at Villa D’Este, Tivoli and the iconic and historic stonework set around the Jupiter estate. Marco created an avenue of sculptures that emit a mist of water that symbolically offer a blessing to each person who passes along the road. This project will be accompanied by a publication that includes drawings brought together from a community workshop at Jupiter Artland.