In the Spring Term of 2015 every class from Ratho Primary, one of Jupiter Artland's local schools, came out to visit Jupiter Artland. Each class engaged with a different workshop, artist and sculpture. To celebrate the collaboration between Ratho Primary and Jupiter Artland a showcase of the children's work will be held in June 2015. 

In 2014 Ratho Primary School approached us wanting their whole school to engage with the Jupiter Artland sculpture collection that they are lucky enough to have right on their doorstep. Working closely with the school we planned a programme of workshops for each class on different artworks. Each class was designated their own "special sculpture" and the classes were encouraged to build on the activities carried out at Jupiter back in their classroom. In June 2015 we will exhibit the work of the children made at Jupiter Artland and in response to it back at school. Children will get the chance to invite their parents to view their artwork and show them around the artland. 

For a full list and to download the lesson plans of each workshop see below:

Nursery: Nature Storyboards and Stick Men inspired by Andy Goldsworthy 
P1a: Flower Hats inspired by Marc Quinn's Lovebomb
P1b: Bubble painting and clay models inspired by Charles Jencks' Cells of Life
P2: Tree Dressing inspired by Jim Lambie's A Forest
P3Dreamcatchers inspired by Shane Waltener's Over Here
P4/5: The Lost Girls writing workshop inspired by Laura Ford's Weeping Girls
P5/6: Hunt for the Jovians inspired by Peter Liversidge's 134 Proposals
P6/7: Memory Tree inspired by Nathan Coley's In Memory

To be kept up to date with the Ratho project follow our Learning News blog. 

memory tree
soul sticks
stick man 2
last day
flower hat
boys and flower hats
stick man display