Scottish Natural Heritage funding for ORBIT 12th July 2018/ Kate Latham At the heart of everything we do at Jupiter is our ground breaking outdoor learning programme, offering free visits for nurseries, schools, colleges, universities and community groups.  Here, learners are encouraged to play in nature, take artistic risks, and develop a sense of agency as they make their own choices, knowing every response will be valid. It is a magical, nurturing place to learn; children listen differently in this place because it is wild.

In this our tenth year and Scotland’s Year of Young People Jupiter Artland are launching a new outreach project, ORBIT. ORBIT takes Jupiter’s learning ethos out beyond the boundaries of the Artland, spreading its joyful message – young people as curious, capable, competent learners piloting their own craft. Core to our ethos is that learning takes place outside in nature. Therefore, we are delighted we have been successful in a bid for Scottish Natural Heritage funding for Outdoor Learning in Nature.

Learning in the outdoors is a huge part of daily life at Jupiter Artland and ORBIT provides a way for us to share our ten years-worth of experience in the field with schools and communities across Scotland, particularly those who face barriers to accessing the arts. Funding from Scottish Natural Heritage will enable Jupiter Artland to go out into communities, partner with schools and support teachers to be confident delivering learning in the outdoors. Specifically, ORBIT will find ways for children who face barriers to accessing the physical sculpture park to meaningfully experience Jupiter Artland and the magic of learning in the outdoors.

ORBIT is dedicated to amplifying the voice of Scotland’s youth. Together with a team of experienced professionals from Jupiter Artland and supported by their communities we will put young people at the helm of decision making and give them a voice about what happens in the place they live. ORBIT has been designed to allow young people to co-create their experience of Jupiter Artland and to be a voice for their community. The hope for the project is that it offers a step-change in the lives of the young people who participate, their confidence and creativity. ORBIT will launch the next ten years of Jupiter Artland bringing us ever closer to our mission for every child in Scotland to experience Jupiter Artland.