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Claire Feeley, Head of Exhibitions and Audience Development 9th May 2018 / Helen Eragona Claire Feeley joins Jupiter Artland as our new Head of Exhibitions and Audience Development. A writer, producer and curator, Claire has devised exhibition projects, curatorial programmes and public artworks globally through her roles at British Council, the Barbican, Oslo Pilot, Folkestone Triennial, Situations and the Serpentine Gallery, as well as independently through self-initiated platforms. She is most known for her unique approach in supporting artists to realise major artworks – ambitious either in scale, duration or through collaborative models of community co-commissioning. Previous curatorial projects include Katie Paterson’s Future Library, a 100-year-long publishing project in Oslo; Michael’s Sailstorfer’s commission for the Folkestone Triennial, where the artist buried gold on an unmarked beach; Theaster Gates’ Sanctum, which saw the people of Bristol sustain an unbroken performance for 552 hours, Annika Kahrs’ A Concert for the Birds, where 100 songbirds performed in concert with piano-players and The Art of Dissonance, an ...
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Woodland Littlesparks and Tickling Aliens from the Planet Jupiter! 16th March 2018 / Learing Team As the snow has all melted away, this week at Jupiter we uncovered a spaceship that had crashed landed during the Beast for the East storm.  As we explored the crash site, some friends took shelter inside the spaceship only to let the tickling three eye-ed alien out! Now that the aliens/teachers were set free they could chase and tickle all the children, turning them into aliens! The only way we could turn back into little children was to roll downhill! After our alien adventures we then moved onto our campfire classroom where we checked on last week’s dens and found them still standing! We practised our hammering and hanging upside down but then the aliens came back! Some of the boys very kindly caught them all and threw them into the troll bridge prison! While some pals were busy with catching all aliens, other inventive pals were busy ...
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Woodland Littlesparks and… One- Two- Kanagaroo! 9th March 2018 / Learning Team What a busy and den-tastic day! Today in the Jupiter Woods we went all worked together, gathering, collecting and counting all the things that we need to make dens. We learned that when we work in teams with our friends we can make MASSIVE dens.. ones so big that even our teachers can fit in them! We practiced even more counting by seeing how many pinecones it takes to get to infinity- filling our buckets with them and comparing light and heavy materials, pinecones versus leaves. While half of our pack finished their dens, other friends had a go with hammering! Turning trees into instruments with elastic bands and nails! But that’s not all our busy wee pals got up to! We even made up our own story and about a group of Friday friends who meet a gruffulo, a big and a crocodile who we think might live ...
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Pablo Bronstein on ‘an architecture so unloved, yet so endemic to Britain’ 5th February 2018 / Bilyana Palankasova The British-Argentinian artist Pablo Bronstein’s latest project is Conservation, or The Long Reign of Pseudo Georgian Architecture at the Royal Institute of British Architects. Focusing on what the artists himself calls ‘an architecture so unloved, yet so endemic to Britain’, the show explores the ubiquitous neo-Georgian style developments that have been built in the second half of the twentieth century, as an example of true British vernacular.

Fifty new drawings of contemporary buildings that have been erected in the second half of the twentieth century, in a seemingly Georgian style, will be displayed for the first time, together with materials from the RIBA’s Drawings Collection. Bronstein has selected the pieces from the collection himself and has developed a context for his own drawings in order to create a timeline of architectural practice, focusing on ideas such as urban fabric, social aspiration, identity and representation.

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Antony Gormley and Andy Goldsworthy shortlisted for Treasure Island commissions 29th January 2018 / Bilyana Palankasova The Treasure Island Art Steering Committee has announced the finalists in the competition for the first three public art projects part of the $50m San Francisco Bay redevelopment programme. Antony Gormley and Andy Goldsworthy are among the eight finalists, shortlisted from 495 applicants. The other contestants are Ai Wei Wei, Chakaia Booker, Ned Kahn, Jorge Pardo, Hiroshi Sugimoto and Pae White.

The Treasure Island redevelopment project relies on more than 300 acres of publicly accessible open space. That makes it the largest piece of park land in San Francisco since the completion of Golden Gate Park in 1871. All of the public artworks are meant to be placed within the island’s open spaces while there will be additional opportunities for artworks situated within historical buildings. It is expected that the first three projects will be signature monumental artworks and they will be situated at the Ferry ...
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Celebrating our tenth year in 2018 15th January 2018 / Bilyana Palankasova In celebration of our 10th anniversary marking Jupiter Artland opening its doors to the public, we are delighted that we will have two new site-specific commissions for 2018. 
Our first piece is with Phyllida Barlow, opening on 12 May. Barlow is notable for her anti-monumental sculptural works characterised by the physical experience of handling a material. Her work is strongly concerned with the relationship between the object and the space it occupies. The project has been realised in close relationship with Nicky Wilson and will consist of multiple parts. Executed in the artist’s preferred everyday materials, such as timbre, steel and a coated concrete skin, the commission for the woodland will rise, imitating and playing with the tree canopy, opening up to reveal the expanded viewpoint and the dappled skyline.
Phyllida Barlow was born in Newcastle upon Tyne in 1944. She graduated from ...
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Anish Kapoor - charting new territories 13th December 2017 / Bilyana Palankasova On the occasion of the Nobel Prize 2017 celebrations in Gothenburg, Sweden, artist Anish Kapoor presented his very first virtual reality artwork – Into Yourself-Fall. The artist shared that this is the first version of the piece, the work is still in progress and it is to be completed in the upcoming months. According to Kapoor, the work depicts the body falling into itself and turning itself inside out. The work is a collaboration between Kapoor and Acute Art – the world’s first VR art platform that has also worked with Jeff Koons, Marina Abramovic, and Olafur Eliasson.

The Bombay-born artist is well known for dealing with reality perception and engagement with the surrounding environment through his work. The use of VR opens new ways in which the relationship between the individual and their surroundings could be explored through visual perception and deception.

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Mika Rottenberg at ‘The Bass’ for Art Basel Miami Beach 13th December 2017 / Bilyana Palankasova A solo exhibition by Mika Rottenberg opened last week at the newly refurbished Bass Museum of Art in Miami, coinciding with Art Basel Miami. The show consists of video and sculptural installations produced in the past two years and focuses on topics of late global capitalism, such as labour, gender and the national identity in an international context. The exhibition occupies the whole space of the museum and debuts several works in the US.

One of the central pieces is a new variant of the recent commission for Skulptur Projekte Münster (2017) – Cosmic Generator (loaded #2). The work has the US-Mexico border wall as a central motif and is set in the border zone of Calexico, US and Mexicali, Mexico. Rottenberg conceived the work while working on a different piece, Squeeze (2010), inspired by the intercultural mix across the border, evident from ‘the best Chinese ...
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Greetings from Korea 8th December 2017 / Helen Eragona Jupiter Artland’s Head of Learning, Kate Latham, and our Outreach Co-ordinator, Catherine O’Brien are in South Korea. Back in October, they were invited by the Korean government to speak to Korean arts educators about what we do as part of our learning programme, and host some workshops based on our teaching methods. Kate has sent us some updates from on the road.
Wednesday 6th December
I’d give my Right Arm…

Arriving at 4pm yesterday Korean time, there was just enough daylight left to give us spectacular views of the mountains, river and sparkly silver sky scrapers which greet you on arrival in Seoul. In sharp contrast to the chilly weather was the warm welcome which awaited from our Korean hosts and the decidedly hot authentic broth which was dinner.
Today’s workshop, we learnt in our early morning briefing, was gratifyingly popular. ...
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The Learning team head to South Korea 5th December 2017 / Helen Eragona As the glitter and fairy light take-over of Jupiter comes down after our Christmas Fair, the Elves in the learning team were heading straight to the airport, as they set off on their next adventure. Two months ago they received an exciting invitation from the Korean Arts and Culture Education Service to present the key note address at their conference on pre-school education in Seoul.
On Monday 4th December, our Outreach Coordinator Catherine and recently appointed Head of Learning, Kate Latham, boarded a plane with suitcases brimming with matchsticks, plasticine and all manner of creative materials to share with our Korean hosts. Their first stop will be to deliver a day-long day workshop with Korean teachers, exploring child-led learning Jupiter style. They will share with them their Littlesparks lesson plans, and challenge them to find their own creativity with a life drawing exercise. They will also ...
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Christian Bolatsnki and Hans Ulrich Obrist co-curate ‘Take me (I’m Yours)’ again. This time in Milan. 28th November 2017 / Bilyana Palankasova ‘Take me (I’m Yours)’ takes yet another form, this time as part of the programme of Pirelli HangarBicocca in Milan. The group exhibition collects works from over fifty artists to challenge the traditional experience of art. The exhibition opened on the 31st of October and allows its visitors to engage physically with the artwork by touching it, studying it, buying it and even exchanging it for personal belongings. While emphasizing the notion of immateriality and the transient nature of contemporary art, the exhibition also draws attention to wider social issues related to exchange, openness, giving and receiving, while placing the themes of the show in a wider historical and political landscape. The topics concerned also address the role of the institution in displaying, preserving and ‘guarding’ art and the traditional operations of the art market.

‘Take me (I’m Yours)’ is a project that is in constant ...
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Joana Vasconcelos commissioned for 2018 6th October 2017 / Helen Eragona We are delighted to announce that Portuguese artist Joana Vasconcelos has been commissioned by Robert & Nicky Wilson to create a permanent site-specific piece for the collection of Jupiter Artland.

Coinciding with our 10th anniversary in 2018, Joana is designing and creating a fully-functional swimming pool at Jupiter Artland, featuring vibrant hand painted Portuguese tiles, surrounded by a collection of sculptural objects and a pool house. This will be the first swimming pool Joana has designed, and we are delighted to be collaborating with her on this exciting installation which will be completed in 2018.

“We’re honoured to be working with an artist of such international repute, with work in some of the most exciting collections in the world.” – Robert and Nicky Wilson.

A full announcement on the project will be released in November 2017. For further press enquiries, ...
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Kate Latham - New Head of Learning 27th September 2017 / Helen Eragona Kate Latham joins Jupiter Artland from joint roles with Creative Learning, Aberdeen City Council and Greenhillock Glamping: Places for Nature, Space for Discovery. 

Kate’s career in the Arts began in theatre, she trained as a set designer and production manager at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland, before moving into the world of corporate event design. Kate began to see the powerful impact access to high quality artworks had on young people whilst working with galleries in London including V&A, Royal Academy and National Gallery.

Kate believes passionately that young people need quality time to explore the world for themselves; to play and to make mistakes which don’t matter - whether that’s experiencing a new type of material, building a den or responding to a piece of art. Kate’s ethos is aligned to Jupiter’s vision and we are delighted that she is part of ...
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Happily Ever After 9th June 2017 / Learning Team
Once upon a time, there was a band of happy children, who gathered in the woods to make art and magic every Friday afternoon. Come rain or shine, these merry makers would romp through the forest, sharing their joy with the shy, hide-away sculptures they met along the way. After many weeks, the children, called 'Littlesparks', had woken all the sculptures in the Back Woods and adventured in the Wilderness many a time, infecting all they encountered with a love of art and nature. One day, an artist came to Jupiter Artland and planted some magic apple seeds. The artist knew these seeds would grow into magnificent trees, so he left some ladders, that passers by, brave enough to climb into the canopy, may learn the stories of these trees. And so it was that the Littlesparks found the ladders left by Alec Finlay, and climbed and ...
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Tall Tales and Wild Gales 6th June 2017 / Learning Team This week, our Littlesparks got lost in a magical world of fairytales and fantastical creatures. Inspired by Alec Finlay, our projects revolved around seeds, trees and storytelling, and not even Tuesday's wild weather could dampen these creative minds and spirits. What better way to shrug off the rain, than to gather around the proverbial fire and tell tales of magic bean stalks, giants and happy ever afters. Stories and art were interwoven seamlessly by the children, with every bean planted triggering thoughts of wild and wonderful worlds, and magical clay creatures emerging from small hands and big imaginations. Every artist we introduce the children to inspires wonderful work, but we never quite know what we'll get. The twist in the Alec Finlay's tale is that the children found so many links to sculptures and narratives they already knew. We can't wait for the next chapter in our Littlesparks' story...
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Friday Littlesparks Design Dreams 6th June 2017 / Learning Team Our Woodland Classroom was transformed into a fashion studio this week, complete with a make-shift catwalk, lined with fairy lights. Taking inspiration from the upcoming Pester and Rossi event, which explodes onto the Jupiter stage one night in August, the children got to work making costumes, wearable sculpture and props, as only they can. The openness of their brief - 'make anything you want, out of anything you like, as long as you can wear it or hold it' - did not appear to daunt our young designers in the slightest. After a thrilling flurry of activity, wild and wonderful creations began to emerge from piles of cardboard, foam sheeting, paper and cloth. Crazy woven dresses, elaborate headdresses, glittering wrist cuffs and terrifying face masks were but a few of the creations on display. In addition to costume construction, some of the children also explored the felt-making process in ...
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Costume Capers 6th June 2017 / Learning Team Pester and Rossi are staging an after-hours takeover in August, transforming the Artland into a platform for theatrical antics and creative experimentation. Participants will be invited to craft costumes, and engage with a host of weird and wonderful performances taking place from dust until dawn. In Littlesparks, we can't replicate the spectacle of this nocturnal event (as most of our young artists are tucked up in bed by sundown), but we can draw inspiration from Pester and Rossi's plans. So, this week, using everything they could get their hands on, from plastic webbing and packing foam, to buttons and bottle tops, the children created magnificent costumes, wearable sculpture, jewellery and props. The results of their making were fabulous, and we all had great fun at our fashion show, when creations of all shapes and sizes were presented on our make-shift catwalk, to music and much applause. Watch out Issey ...
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Charles Jencks contributing to ambitious urban redevelopment in Ayr 5th April 2017 / Exhibitions Team: Sandra An elegant new waterfront complex is to be built in the centre of Ayr, a historic county town 40 miles south-west of Glasgow. The masterplan, presenting the ‘Ayr Riverside Block’, was drawn up by Níall McLaughlin Architects in collaboration with landscape artist and Jupiter’s own, Charles Jencks.

The new riverside block will occupy the square formed by the medieval ‘Auld Bridge’, the Victorian ‘New Bridge’, the River Ayr, and the High Street of the town. For over half a century, this prominent site has been taken up by a series of warehouses blocking the way to the river. These dilapidated, largely derelict buildings are now to be replaced by elegant contemporary structures and a new embankment, presenting a panoramic view and providing access to the river.

By transforming the central riverfront of the town, the project aims to create a new cultural hub ...
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One of Antony Gormley’s ‘Land Sculptures’ has found a permanent home in Kintyre 5th April 2017 / Exhibitions Team: Karolina An abstract human-shaped sculpture by Antony Gormley has been given a permanent home in Kintyre on the rocks below Saddell Castle. The sculpture, called GRIP, is one Gormley’s five Land figures, made in 2015 to commemorate the Landmark Trust’s 50th year.

The Land sculptures were placed at Landmark Trust properties around the country and remained in place until May last year. While the other four were removed, and returned to Gormley who will use them for future projects, GRIP was recently bought and given to the Trust by an anonymous benefactor. It has since been given planning permission by Argyll and Bute Council.
Looking out over the Saddell Bay towards the Isle of Arran, GRIP lives amongst the elements and, in Gormley’s words, ‘is like a marker in space and time, linking with a specific place and its history but also looking out towards the ...
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Getty Research Institute acquires works by Ian Hamilton Finlay to show in new exhibition 27th March 2017 / Exhibitions team: Sandra Opening soon at the Getty Research Institute is ‘Concrete Poetry: Words and Sounds in Graphic Space’. The show will explore the themes and ideas of concrete poetry, an international movement merging the realm of visual art with that of literature. Concrete poets held that structure and design were central to the meaning of poems, which were seen as spatial as well as literary constructs. In line with this idea was the poets’ experimentation with form and content, resulting in a series of unconventional pieces and new forms, such as posterpoems, cube poems, standing poems, and digital poems. As the Getty’s modern and contemporary collections curator, Nancy Perloff, puts it: “By rejecting traditional syntax and utilizing graphic space for both structure and meaning, concrete poets made the sound and shape of words their explicit field of investigation. Concrete poetry made language visible.”

‘Concrete poetry’ will feature over ...
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