Anish Kapoor - charting new territories 13th December 2017/ Bilyana Palankasova On the occasion of the Nobel Prize 2017 celebrations in Gothenburg, Sweden, artist Anish Kapoor presented his very first virtual reality artwork – Into Yourself-Fall. The artist shared that this is the first version of the piece, the work is still in progress and it is to be completed in the upcoming months. According to Kapoor, the work depicts the body falling into itself and turning itself inside out. The work is a collaboration between Kapoor and Acute Art – the world’s first VR art platform that has also worked with Jeff Koons, Marina Abramovic, and Olafur Eliasson.

The Bombay-born artist is well known for dealing with reality perception and engagement with the surrounding environment through his work. The use of VR opens new ways in which the relationship between the individual and their surroundings could be explored through visual perception and deception.

This year’s Nobel Week Dialogue took place on Saturday, December 9th and was on the topic of ‘The Future of Truth’. As part of the programme, Kapoor participated in a discussion, joined by Daniel Birnbaum, the director of ‘Moderna Museet’ in Stockholm, in which they talked about ‘artistic truth in virtual space’.

Kapoor became part of Jupiter Artland’s collection in 2008 with Suck. The void sinking into the earth is surrounded by a cage and creates a feeling of confusion and misplacement, suggesting that one could get sucked into the earth.

Image Courtesy: AFP Relaxnews