Christian Bolatsnki and Hans Ulrich Obrist co-curate ‘Take me (I’m Yours)’ again. This time in Milan. 28th November 2017/ Bilyana Palankasova ‘Take me (I’m Yours)’ takes yet another form, this time as part of the programme of Pirelli HangarBicocca in Milan. The group exhibition collects works from over fifty artists to challenge the traditional experience of art. The exhibition opened on the 31st of October and allows its visitors to engage physically with the artwork by touching it, studying it, buying it and even exchanging it for personal belongings. While emphasizing the notion of immateriality and the transient nature of contemporary art, the exhibition also draws attention to wider social issues related to exchange, openness, giving and receiving, while placing the themes of the show in a wider historical and political landscape. The topics concerned also address the role of the institution in displaying, preserving and ‘guarding’ art and the traditional operations of the art market.

‘Take me (I’m Yours)’ is a project that is in constant development and takes different forms, adapting to the contemporary cultural landscape with every new edition. Since 2015, the installation has appeared in various locations, including New York, Copenhagen, Paris, and Buenos Aires. Initially conceived in 1995 as an exhibition in the Serpentine Gallery, and held there between March 24th and April 30th, the show was born from conversations between curator Hans Ulrich Obrist and artist and curator Christian Boltanski on the need for a new way to show and experience art. The idea of taking the art piece away, or part of it, came to life with Boltanski’s piece ‘Quai de la Gare’ from 1991, in which the audience could pick up clothes from a pile composed by the artists, and take them away in a bag, again produced by the artists, with the word ‘dispersion’ printed on it. Reinforcing that very same idea of the work of art meant to gradually cease to exist.

The show at Pirelli HangarBicocca includes some of the original pieces that were part of the 1995 exhibition in the Serpentine Gallery. The new edition also challenges traditional modes of art display and expands the exhibition space outside of the actual gallery through projects in the book-shop, the atrium and even the neighbourhood.
Last year Jupiter Artland made Christian Boltanski part of its permanent collection with ‘Animitas’, installed on the island within the Duck Pond. The work consists of hundreds of Japanese bells, planted in the ground through long stems, and chiming to the wind, letting out the ‘music of the souls’.
‘Take me (I’m Yours)’ runs from November 1st 2017 until January 14th 2018 at the Pirelli HangarBicocca in Milan. For more information:

Images (c) Anders Sune Berg