Friday Littlesparks Design Dreams 6th June 2017/ Learning Team Our Woodland Classroom was transformed into a fashion studio this week, complete with a make-shift catwalk, lined with fairy lights. Taking inspiration from the upcoming Pester and Rossi event, which explodes onto the Jupiter stage one night in August, the children got to work making costumes, wearable sculpture and props, as only they can. The openness of their brief - 'make anything you want, out of anything you like, as long as you can wear it or hold it' - did not appear to daunt our young designers in the slightest. After a thrilling flurry of activity, wild and wonderful creations began to emerge from piles of cardboard, foam sheeting, paper and cloth. Crazy woven dresses, elaborate headdresses, glittering wrist cuffs and terrifying face masks were but a few of the creations on display. In addition to costume construction, some of the children also explored the felt-making process in Percy's classroom, producing some wonderful, vibrant sheets of material with their own hands. The finale of our session was a fashion show, which platformed crafting accomplishments as well as finished outfits, and was simply fabulous. We were delighted that so many of our friends were happy to share their work.