Happily Ever After 9th June 2017/ Learning Team
Once upon a time, there was a band of happy children, who gathered in the woods to make art and magic every Friday afternoon. Come rain or shine, these merry makers would romp through the forest, sharing their joy with the shy, hide-away sculptures they met along the way. After many weeks, the children, called 'Littlesparks', had woken all the sculptures in the Back Woods and adventured in the Wilderness many a time, infecting all they encountered with a love of art and nature. One day, an artist came to Jupiter Artland and planted some magic apple seeds. The artist knew these seeds would grow into magnificent trees, so he left some ladders, that passers by, brave enough to climb into the canopy, may learn the stories of these trees. And so it was that the Littlesparks found the ladders left by Alec Finlay, and climbed and climbed and climbed. What they found at the top, is another story.