Woodland Littlesparks and Tickling Aliens from the Planet Jupiter! 16th March 2018/ Learing Team As the snow has all melted away, this week at Jupiter we uncovered a spaceship that had crashed landed during the Beast for the East storm.  As we explored the crash site, some friends took shelter inside the spaceship only to let the tickling three eye-ed alien out! Now that the aliens/teachers were set free they could chase and tickle all the children, turning them into aliens! The only way we could turn back into little children was to roll downhill! After our alien adventures we then moved onto our campfire classroom where we checked on last week’s dens and found them still standing! We practised our hammering and hanging upside down but then the aliens came back! Some of the boys very kindly caught them all and threw them into the troll bridge prison! While some pals were busy with catching all aliens, other inventive pals were busy creating a faerie zip line..and set our stick and stone faeries zipping off to new adventures and lands!  With class almost over we did flying visit to the Stone House with our torches and then said hello to the Weeping girls- I wonder what jokes we could tell the Girls next week that make them feel better?