Littlesparks Home Ed - Shadows and Projections 18th February 2019/ Learning Team This week we explored shadows, and the play of light and dark. Using spotlights and large sheets of paper on the classroom wall, the children worked in pairs, so one could cast shadows with their body, whilst the other drew round the shadow with charcoal. Several different images were drawn, until interesting layers of hands, heads and bodies filled the page. Powerful life size images emerged.
Our next adventure was to discuss Andy Goldsworthy's rain shadows. He lay down in Times Square, New York, at the start of a rain shower, and recorded the result - a human shape on the pavement. As we had no rain on Monday afternoon, we improvised using spray bottles to mimic rain! The children in good waterproofs lay down on the tarmac in the classroom garden, and we took turns spraying them to create striking rain shadows.
For our walk, we decided to go to the darkest sculpture in the Artland - the Goldsworthy Coppice Room. Here, using torches, the children created dramatic shadows, and recorded them in their sketchbooks.