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Masterclass: Cressida Bell Coffin Painting

Session Content


Time: TBC


Age: 18+


Location: Cottage Garden Marquee


Price: £750

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Uncompromisingly decorative and happily independent of mainstream fashion – bears the hallmarks of her Bloomsbury Group forebearsHouse and Garden.

Cressida Bell returns to Jupiter Artland for another fantastic masterclass but now with a twist. In 2019 she swept us off our feet with her deliciously masterful cake decorations and next year, the textile designer, cake decorator and illustrator will be here to help inspire and decorate your very own coffin.

Go out in style – and in the meantime, use your beautifully decorated casket as a statement piece for your home.

Daughter of Quentin Bell and Granddaughter of Vanessa Bell, Cressida continues this artistic lineage with her joyously colourful and rhythmically ornate designs. Hosting workshops from her London studio, this one off date at Jupiter Artland will see Bell guide you through the whole process of design and creation. From the conception and application of an idea to transfer and paint, Cressida Bell will be your guide through the artist’s creative process.

If you’re interested in exploring taboos, this coffin decorating masterclass is the perfect fit for you.

Dates to be confirmed – Buying as a gift? Purchase as gift voucher here.