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Masterclass: Neal’s Yard Dairy

Session Content


Time: TBC


Age: 18+


Location: Jupiter Artland


Price: £120

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Why does champagne go so well with goat’s cheese? And why is truffle camembert known as a ‘wine killer’? Put your taste buds to the test’ The Financial Times on Neal’s Yard Dairy Masterclasses.

Images courtesy of Neal’s Yard Dairy.

An exclusive visit from London based Neal’s Yard Dairy, presenting their first masterclass in Scotland, here to invite you into their cheese world. Combining cheese tasting, making and pairing with drinks, this unique workshop will give you an insight into the life of a Cheesemonger and a taste for their skills.

This full day workshop will start with a brief introduction to British cheese and how history has shaped its progression. Neal’s Yard Dairy, who will lead the workshop, will highlight their role in the selection, maturation and sale of British farmhouse cheese. The group will then learn the basics of cheesemaking, putting this new knowledge to the test with a practical cheesemaking session. A well-earned lunch with wine will follow. The afternoon session will commence with an introduction to taste and how to identify different flavour profiles within cheese. The group will explore various styles, milks and makes of cheese, learning a little of the science behind their differences and discussing how this affects the flavours present. Each attendee will be given a piece of cheese to take home at the end of the session.

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