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ORBIT Youth Council: And the world says…

Session Content


Time: 2-4pm


Age: 16+


Location: In The Artland


Price: £Free

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A baby blanket, your grandma’s old curtains, a partner’s favourite hoodie. These are all fabrics that evoke memories, but we do not always choose to share these emotional connections with those around us.

The Orbit Youth Council welcomes you to explore the power of listening by sharing common experiences, emotions and stories with strangers. This is your chance to learn about others and let your voice be heard.

Our interactive event explores the possibilities of photography, printmaking, sewing and sound, with the audience’s stories at the core.

We invite you to come along with a simple story or a memory to be shared with a stranger. Travel around our stations, making, sharing and creating with others. We want to collect your stories and to make them a part of something bigger.

You are encouraged to bring a palm sized piece of fabric that you would like to add to our growing collection of stories.

Your journey through our event will last approximately twenty to thirty minutes. You are welcome to stay at our final station for as long as you want.

We look forward to creating with you!

Orbit Youth Council is a collective of 16–18-year-olds from all over Scotland. Orbit enables young people to have a creative voice and be at the helm of decision making. The Orbit Youth Council have a say in shaping our communities while questioning issues and challenges we might face. This year the Orbit Youth Council wanted to explore communication with a focus on creating a safe space for people’s voices be heard. They want to learn about other experiences and bring together different perspectives.

This event will be held throughout the Artland. If you have any questions about access, please contact us at and we will work with you to support you. For full access information on Jupiter Artland, visit