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Time: 11 am


Age: Suitable for adults


Location: Jupiter Artland


Price: £15

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Get some food for the soul with a guided tour and a warming bowl of soup from Cafe Party.

Build a deeper appreciation and understanding of some of Jupiter’s iconic artworks with curator Eloise Bennett. Get insights into the artists behind the works, their creation and how they interact with the landscape of the Artland.

After the tour, stop by Cafe Party for the soup of the day.

Tues 21 May: Tania Kovats

Rivers consists of one hundred specimens of water from one hundred different rivers around the British Isles. The specimens have been collected, distilled and the stored in one hundred sealed museum-quality storage jars and placed inside a constructed boathouse.

Each sample of water can be understood to hold the physical ‘memories’ of specific times, places and events, preserving them forever. On the outside of the boathouse, the names of the rivers from which the water samples were taken, are recorded, engraved into the wooden exterior.