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The World Upside Down: Talk Series

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Time: TBC


Age: All Ages


Location: Jupiter Artland

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Jupiter Artland’s spring talk series, The World Upside Down aims at giving teenagers information on everything from body image to mental health and social activism.

In a world turned upside down by the pandemic, the BLM movement and the climate crisis, and to coincide with the unveiling of Rachel Maclean’s new permanent commission and exhibition, Jupiter Artland is bringing together teenage activists, mental health experts, artists and writers for a frank and open discussion on the pressures facing young people today.

We want to change the narrative around the ‘lost generation’ and share stories of how teenagers are making positive change happen in their communities. For parents and carers adjusting to the new learning landscape of online schooling, what are the dangers facing young people spending so much time online? What tools do you use to nurture your mental wellbeing? This series will include practical, hands-on workshops to help navigate this new, uncertain world and to inspire hope in young people’s power to change the world for the better.

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