Do's and dont's

Jupiter Artland Rules

As you would expect in an environment that is part Art Gallery and part private home we have a few important do's and don'ts. Please abide by these.

Please note that we cannot take responsibility for accidents or personal injuries sustained whilst at Jupiter Artland and you enter at your own risk. Sensible footwear (wellies recommended) and sensible behaviour will see you right.

Please do:
- Obtain a proof of entry badge from reception and wear clearly at all times. Our staff may ask to see these at some point during your visit
- Photograph the artworks and share on social media with hashtag #jupiterartland - as long as its not for commercial use
- Feel free to ascend the Jencks Life Mounds by way of the paths
- Take responsibility for any children or teenagers in your charge
- Report any vandalism, anti-social behaviour or breach of these rules to a member of staff

Please don't:
- Bring a picnic or BBQ (For animal welfare there is a very strict policy of no picnics. Picnics may be taken at nearby Almondell Country Park)
- Bathe in the water features (there's the odd piranha)
- Play loud music or drop litter
- Enter the private house area (which includes the formal rear garden)
- Climb on the sculptures or remove any items
- Roll down the undulations of the Jencks Life Mounds (however tempting this may seem) we will not take responsibility for any personal injury
- Do not bring dogs (except for assistance dogs)

Many thanks!