Artsparks: Nicolas Party Workshop

Wednesday, 5 July - Friday, 7 July, 10am-4pm
for children aged 5-9
Create your own immersive Nicolas Party inspired installation, using colour, food and play to culminate in an exciting and magical tea party/exhibition.

This summer, we are opening our very new Cafe Party - completely imagined by Swiss artist Nicolas Party with a distinctive take on the Parisian bistro aesthetic. With faux malachite tabletops adorned with surreal faces comprised of fruits in the vein of 16th century painter Guiseppe Arcimboldo, and an expansive mural running through the whole cafe painted in a Hockney-esque palette, Party draws from a myriad of art historical references.

This three-day course is inspired by Nicolas Party's work, but will allow children to experience the whole of Jupiter Artland, the Artland as well as the sculptures. Fun-filled, messy and colourful, this course encourages children to experiment with different art materials, textures and colours. Children will explore the Artland, play outside, make friends, try out new art techniques and learn new skills. 

Stories, creativity, picnics and of course many adventures into the Artland will also be part of the three days!

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Child tickets : £120.00