Pablo Bronstein: The Rose WaLK

FROM 28 July 2017

Argentine-born artist Pablo Bronstein lives and works in London. His work ranges from drawing and installation to performance and choreography, each with a focus on architecture and pre-20th century European design.

Pablo views drawing as the central core of his artistic practice, from which many other elements arise. His articulate draughtsman-like technique represents iconic and familiar architectural sights, however they are often not real places, but rather have been envisioned as new designs by the artist’s imagination, albeit in an older style.

At Jupiter Artland, the artist will create his most ambitious site specific piece to date that will form part of the permanent collection at Jupiter Artland. Two ten-meter-high pavilions, one Gothic and the other in a Chinoiserie style will be connected by a twenty-five-meter-long rose garden. These imposing and elaborate follies will simultaneously act as entrance to, and ornamental framing of the narrow promenade.

Alongside the permanent addition to the collection, Jupiter Artland has commissioned a live performance that will respond to the opposing architectural forms. See the event listed here.

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