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Cinzia Mutigli Sweet Wall, 1970/2020

Cinzia Mutigli: Sweet Wall, 1970/2020 Allan Kaprow at Jupiter Artland

Taking Kaprow’s Sweet Wall as inspiration, Cinzia Mutigli’s modern-day reinvention interweaves stories about sugar and post-colonial Scottish identity.

Mutigli’s film interweaves stories about sugar, addiction, trauma and post-colonial identity. Using sugar as a central metaphor, Mutigli links the historic trauma of the trans-Atlantic slave trade with an exploration of addiction, understood as any repeated behaviour in which a person feels compelled to persist, often experienced as a result of an unresolved childhood trauma.

Using jam as a central metaphor, Mutigli is transforming the Tin Roof Gallery with a repeating wallpaper motif which forms a backdrop to a new filmwork. Part instructional video on how to make jam, this new film explores the cyclical patterns of consumption and comfort, and of addiction and recovery.


“Mutigli's work interweaves stories about sugar, addiction trauma and post-colonial identity.”
“It’s an overwhelming piece, and one which is very personal, in that lockdown has made this film largely of the artist, the narrative a mix of personal experience and “expert” analysis, each filtering in and out of comprehensibility.”

To give audiences their own sugar rush, each day, freshly made jam sandwiches are available.