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Ditte Gantriis Love Is Eternal

Ditte Gantriis: Love Is Eternal 14/05/2016 - 17/07/2016

Ditte Gantriis presents her first solo presentation in the UK at Jupiter Artland in the Tin Roof Gallery and the Ballroom Gallery. Working primarily with painting, printmaking and sculpture Gantriis often combines these mediums to harness her interest in the caricature, stereotypes and commercial gestures of contemporary culture.

The presentation in the Tin Roof Gallery will include a new body of work with a wall motif that will consist of erotic drawings taken from luxury lingerie shops, a series of sculptures made from handmade glass, ceramic, cast aluminium and tin, as well as woven blankets and landscape paintings. The environment will be loaded with atmosphere to exaggerate the already existing intimate and private feeling within the space.

Alongside this the artist will display her expanded series Body & Soul featuring outsized functional wicker baskers within the grand setting of the Ballroom.