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Edwin Burdis The Thickening

Edwin Burdis: The Thickening 16/05/2015 - 27/07/2015

An artist in the broadest sense of the word, Edwin Burdis’s work explores the interaction of image, sound and movement to create captivating pieces whose inherent ambiguity invite the audience to draw their own connections. Combining sculpture, painting, music and performance, Edwin’s works rely on an instinctive spontaneity, which drives the energy tangible within each piece. The Thickening at Jupiter Artland uses both the gallery and outdoor spaces to construct a cure centre, in which Edwin offers up an alternative cancer treatment, calling upon sensory stimulation and joy as remedy. Combing vivid sculptural forms with painted panel pieces set to a musical score, the work confronts the viewer across all the senses. Providing the setting for Edwin’s performance piece, the artist places himself within this treatment centre, conducting the pieces activation and releasing the cure.