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Hayley Tompkins Myth Cart

Hayley Tompkins: Myth Cart 31/07/2016 - 25/09/2016

For her first presentation at Jupiter Artland, Glasgow based artist Hayley Tompkins has undertaken a major new installation on the exterior roof as well as a body of new work for the gallery space.

Myth Cart suggests the storing of information and relates to a shopping cart and gathering items whilst the metal pieces refer to the storage of thoughts and phrases and desires, these themes are continued through each of the works on display.

Tompkins has made an arrangement of colours combining flesh and natural tones with manufactured enamel car paint to adorn the surface of the Tin Roof Gallery. Her interest in the architectural environment at Jupiter Artland has informed the palate and strikes a dramatic contrast to the surrounding woodlands. This wrapping appropriates the functional tin cladding and presents a joyful new surface.

The play of interiors and ideas of containment continue inside with the space being framed in a multiple use of ways. The metal pieces mounted on either side continue her mark making from the roof as she addresses these as thinking boards with erasing and scribing paint daubs. These disparate annotations are mixed with photographs that the artist has taken and are applied to the surface.

By painting over existing everyday objects the artist appears to create charaterisations of themselves and repurposes their function to become anew. This function is typical of the artists’ repertoire and continue her expressive and joyful practice. The attention to the interiors of common place objects; the cardboard box draws an interest to emptiness and creates a melancholy presence.

For most of the works presented at Jupiter Artland they honor a strong link to nature and the surrounding landscape. Everything within the immediate surroundings has its place and this inserts a playful patchwork. In contrast Tompkins retains the immediate functions of the objects on show and honour’s their everyday origins, the boxes reveal a new life.