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James Hoff How to Make a Happening, 1966/2020

James Hoff: How to Make a Happening, 1966/2020 Allan Kaprow at Jupiter Artland

In the Ballroom Gallery, James Hoff presents a reinvention of HOW TO MAKE A HAPPENING, Kaprow’s instructional record delivering 11 rules on how to, and how not to, make a ‘Happening’. Kaprow’s original 1966 recording is broadcast and picked up by FM radios, surrounded by posters designed by Allan Kaprow available for you to take-away for free.

Kaprow’s original 1966 recording will be broadcast and picked up by 100 FM radios installed in our Ballroom Gallery, surrounded by stacks of posters designed by Allan Kaprow, and featuring original scores for activities and happenings, available to the public to take away for free. James Hoff, Jupiter Artland and the Estate of Allan Kaprow are partnering with independent artist-led publishing houses including, Primary Information in New York and Good Press in Scotland, to make Allan Kaprow’s posters widely available to the public for free, in keeping with the artists intention for art to circulate outside of formal gallery settings and to be part of the material of everyday life. Opens 1 August 2020.

If you work with an artist-led or independent bookstore or printhouse, and are interested in distributing posters, please get in touch at with POSTERS in the subject line.