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Jessica Harrison Broken

Jessica Harrison: Broken 31/07/2014 - 28/09/2014

Gazing blankly ahead, flaunting their normally hidden interior unapologetically, the figurines within this room have been opened up, handled and turned inside out: what should be hard is now soft, what should be fragile is fleshy and what should be precious is broken.

A selection from a larger series of work, the Broken sculptures are created from ready-made, mass-produced ceramics which have been found and reworked by Harrison to exist in parallel alongside millions of their unbroken counterparts that reside on mantelpieces around the world.

The sculptures explore our bodily expectations of material and process, looking to how our tactile certainties of objects shape our perception of what is considered to be outside of the body and what is believed to be inside. Addressing our complex relationship to the invisible, interior spaces of the body and the gender bias that is threaded through the history of anatomy, the Broken sculptures present an alternative to the idealistic and unrealistic image that the unbroken figurines illustrate; a self-destructive ornamentation where object becomes organ, private becomes public, inside becomes outside.