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Lindsey Mendick SH*TFACED

Lindsey Mendick: SH*TFACED 15/07/2023 - 01/10/2023 2023 Commission

Jupiter Artland is delighted to announce Lindsey Mendick as the artist for their 2023 season. Having previously collaborated with Jupiter at their acclaimed Jupiter Rising festival, Jupiter is thrilled to host Mendick’s first solo show in Scotland, which will be presented across all of Jupiter Artland’s galleries.

Lindsey Mendick’s work is one of confession, where taboo topics and uncomfortable truths are revealed with candour and humour. Her work is characterised by an intense attention to detail and verisimilitude, whereby everyday scenes – a nightclub, a kitchen, a bedroom – are expertly crafted in ceramic and staged in larger-than-life tableaux. Mendick is transforming Jupiter’s Ballroom Gallery and Steadings Gallery into a diptych of nightlife; one that draws inspiration from the gothic novella The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde with all its troubling contentions of virtue, appearance, public shaming and masking. Like an anxiety dream come to life, there is a sobering mirroring of contemporary binge drinking culture and gender-based shaming presented in the work, although the anticipated judgemental tone is noticeably absent. By subverting the genre of morality tale, Mendick’s work opens a space where our public and private faces can be encountered without prejudice.

Lindsey Mendick graduated from Royal College of Art in 2017 and is currently based in Margate. Her work has been shown in solo exhibitions at Carl Freedman Gallery, Margate. Her work was also included in the major exhibition, Strange Clay: Ceramics in Contemporary Art at the Hayward Gallery, London. With her partner, the artist Guy Oliver, Mendick initiated Quench Gallery in Margate to provide vital support for early career artists through exhibitions and mentoring.

Mendick also presents Where The Bodies Are Buried, at Yorkshire Sculpture Park until 3 September 2023.


“A work of exquisite beauty, strangeness and uncanny magic. This is clay that isn't just crocked but corrupted, spilling secrets, sins and hypocrisies”
“An astonishing display of glazed ceramic sculpture... Surreal, ironic and darkly comic: black comedy in white china”
“Epic in scale and artistic creativity. An inspirational masterpiece with heartfelt honesty, theatrical imagination and satirical wit”