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Nicolas Party Cafe Party

Nicolas Party: Cafe Party 2017

Café Party doubles as both an immerse artwork and Jupiter Artland’s on-site café. The wall murals, hand-painted tables, custom-designed server and screen-printed crockery are all decorated and designed by Nicolas Party, whose vibrant signature style can be seen throughout.

Through Party’s distinctive paintings and drawings, Café Party directly responds to the surrounding woodland at Jupiter Artland, borrowing imagery from the landscape to furnish the restaurant and celebrating the vibrancy of Jupiter Artland’s collection through a vivid colour palette. Patterns repeat throughout: tropical shrubbery lines the foreground, whilst clashing skinny twigs and wall climbers reach for the light, producing an overall effect that is almost psychedelic.

The expansive wall mural acts as a framing device and a fantastical stage set for a series of pastel compositions delivered in Party’s unique aesthetic language. Party’s wall mural also ties to the artist’s interest in art history; as per his interest in traditional styles and techniques, Party makes use of trompe l’oeil painting throughout Café Party in order to imitate malachite surfaces.