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Sara Barker Separation in the Evening

Sara Barker: Separation in the Evening (A Celestial Blossom Before The Yellow House) 2015

Following the artists first temporary commission in 2013 with Patterns, Barker returned to Jupiter Artland with her first permanent work in the collection, Separation in the Evening (A celestial blossom before the yellow House).

Taking the title from Paul Klee’s work which refers to a graduation of colour, reminiscent of watercolour landscapes Barker extends her palette with influences from Japanese painter Hiroshige and the surrounding environment at Jupiter Artland.

Sara Barker produces both complex and delicate sculptures. Many of her works are influenced by the outside world, organic processes and their relationships to the notion of ‘room’ and personal spaces. Working solely in sculpture, Barker finds unexpected qualities in her materials, and a lightness in making that refutes the idea of sculpture as solid, dense and volumetric.