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Shane Waltener Over Here

Shane Waltener: Over Here

“The horizon is not only an optical condition but also a spinning moment in space-time.” – Steven Holl

Walking alongside the piece and looking through the eye of the web, different elements come into the viewer’s attention. Panoramas of distant views, perspectives of middle ground and foreground start to overlap highlighting an effect of ‘parallax’ created by the specific positioning of the piece. The knitting pattern incorporates the words ‘Over Here’, making a reference to the sights seen through the web. The knitted web thus becomes a map, a tool for orientation, containing specific information on its surrounding environment. The web is also a trap, its open lacy structure catching, filtering and refracting light, colours and sounds. Ultimately, the web will capture the essence of the place and become a spatial imprint of it.


Shane Waltener’s work draws inspiration from craft traditions as much as art history. Sculptures, installations and performance work all reference in some way domestic crafts such as knitting, crochet, lace making techniques, sugarcraft and cooking.

Recent projects by the artist have become increasingly participatory, involving artists, visitors, spectators and community groups in the making of the artworks. Waltener facilitates a process of ‘crafting’ together in order to allow for cultural and social histories relating to these crafts to be freely exchanged. The outcome of the work tells of these particular histories.