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Tessa Lynch Raising

Tessa Lynch: Raising 19/07/2014 - 28/09/2014

For Jupiter Artland Tessa Lynch responds to an ancient law which indicates that if one could build a small cottage and have a fire lit in the hearth before sunset you could keep the land. A feat that required support from the local community to achieve the build whilst engaging support and a consensus leading to an inclusive network from neighbours and peers.

With this concept in mind Lynch will realise “Raising”, a jigsaw of parts that can be constructed by the artist and a team of volunteers to create a domain that will permit open conversation about the current restrictions on home planning, construction and development, set within the foot print of an average modern new build.

The reenactment of a barn raising, a popular form of home construction in medieval times will be concluded with a fire being lit within the sculptural set surrounded by the self constructed elements the artists and her team have constructed on the day. Each ‘enactment’ will be deconstructed and rebuilt throughout the duration of the exhibition.

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