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OPENS 28 JULY 2019

Following on from Jupiter Artland’s 2018 gallery presentation, Joana Vasconcelos presents Gateway, an intricately designed pool set within a landscaped formal garden and accompanied by a delicate glass dome space. The swathes of brightly coloured motifs span social histories and collective narratives, journeying through sacred geometries to the zodiac and beyond. The deliberate positioning of the pool in line with ancient ley lines locates Gateway in a mythical landscape.

Gateway is just that, a contemporary entry point into ancient discourse and collective spirituality. A site to journey to, to participate in, to contemplate, to immerse. Gateway plays on the idea of swimming pools as sites fostering community; an experiential space that is inherently social, playful and shared. A vibrant colourful drawing pressed into the landscape, Gateway slots into a contemporary canon of artist-designed pools in line with the likes of David Hockney, James Turrell and Samara Scott. Set in an enclosed garden, Gateway is both intimate yet expansive, interweaving the dichotomies of publicness and privacy with the performance of bathing and art’s historical fixation with it.

Like so much of Vasconcelos’ work, Gateway is collectively formed. Shaped from over 11,500 hand-painted and glazed tiles traditionally manufactured in Vasconcelos’ native Portugal, Gateway is a vast communal labour, forming a celebration of the intricacies and social-political associations of the act of craftsmanship.

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