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ORBIT Youth Council is a group of 16-18-year olds from all over Scotland; Orkney to Glasgow, Mallaig to Cumbernauld. We are dedicated to amplifying the voice of Scotland’s youth.

​Together with a team from Jupiter Artland, the Youth Council is shaping an exciting, new programme of art projects for communities across Scotland. Young people are at the helm of the decision making.

Applications are now open for 2021 recruitment.

Head to the bottom of this page to apply.


Our journey so far…

ORBIT Youth Council have been contributing to Jupiter Artland’s artistic programme since it was formed in 2018.
As a team, we are developing a range of soft and practical skills to prepare us for leaving school.

What we want:
# Have a voice in the shaping of our communities
# Bring outstanding art experiences to high-streets across Scotland
# Get a head start in career paths in the Creative Industries
# Learn how to present ideas and engage in debate with diverse audiences and communities

We helped shape Rachel Maclean’s artwork now open at Jupiter Artland upside mimi ᴉɯᴉɯ uʍop. This incredible artwork takes the form of an abandoned high-street shop, inhabited by the cartoon princess Mimi. Already, we have researched real-life highstreets across Scotland where art could play a transformative role. We are looking for young people – aged 16 or 17 – to join ORBIT Youth Council to help realise our vision for taking Rachel’s artwork to communities across Scotland.

Since forming in 2018, we have made real change happen at Jupiter Artland. In 2019, we designed, created and curated our own festival area at JUPITER RISING, bringing audiences on an immersive experience and using green-screen technology to blast them into outer space. We have travelled to London, Glasgow, Edinburgh and beyond, meeting world-renowned artists and seeing exhibitions by Antony Gormley, Rachel Maclean, Olafur Eliasson and Yayoi Kusama. We have collaborated with artists like Peter Liversidge and Rachel Maclean to make young people’s voices heard,and we’ve done this together, showing that Scotland’s young people have the power to make the future better.

What's in it for us?

• Make an impactful difference in your community through your creative ideas.
• Meet + collaborate with exciting people, broaden your insights into contemporary art, and build confidence in your creative expression.
• Be mentored by an experienced Creative Industries professional (such as artists, curators and many more)
• Develop team work and decision-making skills – be empowered to choose your own path.
• Great stuff for your CV and UCAS form.
• Free trips, travel, accommodation and food.


“My weekend with the ORBIT Council was amazing. I want to thank Jupiter Artland for the generosity that they’ve shown to me and the other members and for bringing me together with a group of new friends…it was such a magical experience and I wouldn’t trade it for the world!”
“My favourite part of the trip was hearing about everyone else’s background in art…my family are not as interested in art as me so being able to go with other people who also enjoy art was fun, and I felt like we all shared an appreciation for the works. I am very excited about what we can produce as a council in the future!”
“(It was) quite a change when we went to see the Yayoi Kusama exhibit, people were actually commenting on the art - rather than just saying that is a pretty colour - it was different, people were actually talking about meaning”
“It brings out a passion in you. It makes you happy, you can come here and talk about art .. it widens your mind”

Application FAQs

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How do I apply?

You can fill in the form on our website below, or download a copy below to post to us – see the document for details:


You can also submit your application in the form of video responses to our questions – please ensure the total footage lasts no longer than five minutes. Please send this via WeTransfer to


When is the deadline?

Friday 17th September.


What is a champion?

For you to get the most out of being on the ORBIT Youth Council, we think it would be great if you had support from someone back at home who could help you do some research on opportunities in your community. Please have a chat with a teacher, youth group leader, dance coach or even a family relative and ask them to support your application and answer the following statement:

I think this young person would be fantastic for ORBIT Youth Council because they… (50 words)

You don’t have to nominate a champion, but if you do have someone in mind who would complete this section for you, we do recommend it.


How do you decide who joins ORBIT Youth Council?

The first three questions in the application form are how we assess who joins ORBIT Youth Council.

For question one, we want to hear what joining ORBIT Youth Council means for you, and what you hope to gain from the experience.

The ORBIT Youth Council will bring together young people from across Scotland. For question two, we want to hear about where you live, what you love about it, and what you would like to see happen there.

You don’t necessarily need to have a passion about art to be a member of ORBIT Youth Council. You may love sport, theatre, music, new media or you may already have volunteer experience in your community. Or none of the above! For question three, we want to hear about what makes you get up in the morning. Maybe a piece of music has inspired you. Maybe you saw a film that changed your outlook on life. This section is an opportunity to tell us about what you love.


How many words should I write for each question?

We’ve given a maximum word count for each question, but you don’t need to reach that. We are not expecting you to write an essay – we want to get to know you, your interests and what you hope to gain from becoming a member of the ORBIT Youth Council.

Apply here!

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