Earl of East – Incense Cones (Jardin de la Lune)

Scented Incense Cones in Jardin de la Lune by Earl of East.

Jardin de la Lune scent is a nod to the gardens of Grand Trianon, Versailles. It’s a luxurious and warm combination of deep tuberose, paired with top notes of blackberry leaf, bergamot, and a base of heady and aromatic cade.

Use: Light the tip of the incense cone with a flame until it catches, then blow out. Place upright using a heatproof incense holder.

Scent: Tuberose, blackberry leaf, bergamot, cade

Tin contains 16 cones

Each cone burns for approximately 15 minutes

Material: Macco powder, mixed with spring water turned into a paste and then shaped into the cones by hand

Recyclable tin packaging


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