Pebble Soaps & Porcelain Dish – Assorted small Pebbles

Various handcrafted soaps arranged in a little natural pebble pattern. They resemble beach pebbles exactly. Made by hand using only natural materials and essential oil of lemongrass; cruelty-free and vegan. A foundation of coconut oil will keep you hydrated. After cleansing, the skin remains moisturised and supple as a result._x000D_
Every soap is little but powerful. It lasts longer than you may think and can be used numerous times. A handcrafted white porcelain dish with a grey marble texture that gives it a distinct personality all by itself is included in the set. Perfect for home usage and a wonderful present for any occasion._x000D_
100% handmade, manufactured with natural products, cruelty-free, and vegan


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