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Back in 2009 a group from Edinburgh Napier University’s faculty of interactive design visited with Tom Flint. He became very interested in the possibilities of a collaboration between the university and Jupiter Artland and the opportunities that such a partnership could offer students and his research.

The following year we applied for an Interface digital development voucher to develop our audio content and to make a start on designing a bespoke app. This funding enabled us to create an audio guide for the visually impaired with Artlink, which we recorded with Dr Iain Macgregor at Edinburgh Napier as well as children’s stories about Jupiter Artland written as part of our whole school project with Juniper Green Primary. The children enjoyed the experience of visiting the university and recording their stories in a high tech recording suite.

As our app design progressed we decided to feature audio about each artwork on it. This audio features words from the owners/collectors, Nicky and Robert Wilson, insights into their work from the artists, words from Jupiter’s gardeners on their relationships with the artwork, music that inspired some of the artworks and a narration that puts it all into context. It is a very rich layering of experience and provides a unique insight into each artwork.

Our relationship is ongoing and this year we will update the content for new permanent artworks at Jupiter Artland with Dr Iain Macgregor again.