Michael SailstorfeR

6 May - 1 October 2017

German artist Michael Sailstorfer considers himself to be a sculptor and approaches the possibilities of his work in an experimental fashion. The artist uses familiar objects as a starting point for his idiosyncratic experiments that form installation, film and sculpture.

The artist’s artistic vocabulary constantly transforms known material and mechanical systems into objects that thoughtfully transcend their original purpose. Facets of their function are gently shared through sensory clues and tensions that offer a hint towards the transformation – a car wheel endlessly grinding against a gallery wall; the windows of a room shattered by high-frequency sound.

Michael encourages his audience to experience sound and smell for initial interpretation before sight is engaged. It is within this context that the artist presents three installations at Jupiter Artland. Taking over the Ballroom Gallery, The Steadings Gallery and the Goldsworthy Room, Michael presents 1:43-47 (2012), Brenner (2017) and Tränen (2015) that approach our senses with alarm, allure and empathy.

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