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Andy Goldsworthy Stone Coppice

Andy Goldsworthy: Stone Coppice 2009

A coppiced wood is one in which the trees are cropped, throwing up new growth and becoming multi-stemmed, which gives the wood a strong feeling of linear verticality. This vertical movement increases the sense that the stones are being pulled out of the ground and pushed upwards. Each stone has been placed in a tree with limbs able to receive it.

Stone Coppice is a living, growing changing sculpture in which people and wood play equally important roles. The relationship between stone and tree will become stronger both physically and visually through time as the trunks grow around the stones. Ultimately the work will be an expression of the strength and power of trees and their impact on stone.


Andy Goldsworthy is a British sculptor, photographer and environmentalist. He was born in 1956. He was brought up on the Harrogate side of Leeds in the green belt. Here he took on work as a farm labourer as a schoolboy and said that the repetitive nature of the work informed his future art. He studied Fine Art at Bradford College of Art from 1974 to 1975 and then at Preston Polytechnic from 1975 to 1978. He now lives in Dumfriesshire and travels the world undertaking commissions and creating works.

Andy Goldsworthy produces site-specific sculpture and land art set in natural and rural settings. His art involves natural and found objects to create temporary and permanent sculptures that reflect the character of their environment. He is well known for his ephemeral pieces which are made from natural materials such as snow, ice, wood, flowers, leaves, sand, mud and twigs.