Reversible Glass Vase – Large – Pink / Green

Whether you’re arranging a single bud or an entire bouquet of your favourite flowers, the Reversible Glass Vase is the ideal container. The large glass vase is a versatile piece of geometry that looks great when it’s filled or empty.

Turn the glass cylinder vases around to make a single stem blossom vase or use them one way for a full arrangement. You can utilise your bouquet to its fullest thanks to the multipurpose vase. When the flowers begin to wither, turn the vase over and give the surviving stems some fresh air.

The vases, which are made by hand from borosilicate laboratory glass, have simple geometric lines that go well with the organic flowers inside. The forms within the vase interplay visually with the simple addition of water.

These two-in-one coloured glass vases are meant to inspire your creativity and restore your love for flowers. artisanal tall glass vases. Two vases in one


Dia 80 x 240 mm

Dia 3.14 x 9.4 inches


Borosilicate Laboratory Glass


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