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Want to get involved in the arts? | Looking for work experience? | Thinking of volunteering? | Writing your UCAS form? | Recently retired? | Children back at school? | Looking into a career change? | Too much free time? | Enjoy being outdoors? | Looking for responsibility? | Want to work as part of a team? | Mum/dad going back to work? | New years resolution? | Want to work with a charity? | Bored at the weekend?

Jupiter Artland is committed to offering volunteer opportunities to individuals in the areas of visual arts, education, horticulture and landscaping.

They say it better...

Volunteering at Jupiter can open up a whole world of opportunities. We aim to tailor your experience to help you get the most out of your time with us. Read our Volunteer testimonials below:

Volunteering at Jupiter Artland was a great experience and everything I did was relevant to my areas of interest. I got to participate in the art-making and performance aspects of one of Jupiter’s temporary exhibitions in summer 2020, which in turn taught me more about collaborative processes, and about different ways in which art projects can engage the public. Talking at length about art with a variety of people I didn’t know was insightful and useful for my own art practice. I met other volunteers who I’m still in touch with now and hoping to do future projects with! The permanent staff at Jupiter Artland take time to get to know volunteers which means you feel valued. Jupiter is also generally a lovely and peaceful place to be in. It was a really, really worthwhile experience for me and I would totally recommend!



Beth, Exhibitions Volunteer

“I was a volunteer at Jupiter for the month of May 2018, and it was such a rewarding experience. Being surrounded by artwork while feeling like you’re in the middle of a forest is such a unique way of interacting with art. At each corner you are surprised by what you could find; a statue of a little girl, troubled by an unknown cause, towering pillars that draw your attention to the sky and world outside of your own, or softly chiming bells that lure you to join them but are prevented geographically, which is where the wildlife has made their home. Engaging with people on the artwork is so fun, as even if you know the background on the work, conversations with others will bring new perspectives as well!


The staff at Jupiter are so friendly and accommodating, and they really treated everyone like family. They understand that you are a volunteer and doing it out of the goodness of your heart, and want to make sure you know you’re appreciated. It was really refreshing to be within an organization that really cares about their volunteers. The orientation is really nice as well, as an Art Guardian you get a mini tour of the work, which really helps with more appreciation of certain pieces.”


Alessandra, Exhibitions Volunteer

“I volunteered at Jupiter Artland in the summer of 2013. Working there exposed me to art in a completely different, more involved way than I had ever done before. Having the opportunity to invigilate, set up events and generally be around artwork all day made the grounds an inspiring space for me.


I got to invigilate the work of Sara Barker, as well as talk to her about her practice and thoughts on art, which was invaluable. The entire experience of being there surprised and challenged me, as a volunteer and as an artist, and I would definitely recommend it to anyone.


I’m currently in my 2nd year studying HND Contemporary Art Practice at Edinburgh College, a course that is hugely influential in my own artistic practice, and applying to art schools in Edinburgh, Glasgow, Dundee and Aberdeen.”


Daniel, Exhibitions Volunteer

“I started at Jupiter Artland volunteering as part of the Resource Development group. We were shown around the park, and led through group activities to come up with new lesson plans and outreach ideas for the Education Department. As we were all from various different backgrounds, some artists, some teachers, and myself (having just graduated from a Fine Art degree), we all had our own ideas to bring to the table.


I then went on to work at Jupiter, part-time, as the Littlesparks Assistant, working with young children who attended weekly outdoors workshops. I spent a year in total at Jupiter, and my role there changed regularly in accordance with the specific program or event, sometimes leading school groups, running children’s birthday parties or helping out at openings. I learned so much from my role, as part of a small team, and was given lots of opportunities to express ideas and adapt workshops to suit my own interests.


I have since been working at Fox Primary School, in London, working as a TA, running after school arts workshops and assisting the arts teacher during the days. I am dedicated to a profession in arts education, and am vastly benefitted by my years experience at Jupiter.”


Alyssa, Learning Volunteer

“I am an occupational therapist who retired from West Lothian Council at Easter. I was keen to find interesting volunteering opportunities and started with Jupiter Artland in May. I volunteered once a week working with Helena on the education programme. I helped with activities, art projects and tours with school and adult groups.


I particularly enjoy seeing how school pupils are inspired by seeing the art installations to create their own works. I also helped with the art hut during school holidays giving young visitors a chance to express themselves with a variety of art materials. I really enjoy the creative side of the work and helping young people to make the most of their experience at Jupiter Artland”.


Anne, Exhibitions and Learning Volunteer

“After retiring from social work in September 2014 I was looking for something to do that would interest me and inspire me to be more creative. I saw the advert for Jupiter Artland in my local library, came along and signed up. The place itself I found to be very inspiring and the space it offered in the woodland setting was very tranquil.


The staff were very welcoming and you felt that your input was really appreciated. Contact with artists, different styles and directions led me to start painting and drawing again. The constant flow of ideas made me put pen to paper and compose more poems than I have done for many years. I was particularly impressed by the work of american artist Tara Donovan and was privileged to promote her work with visitors. Her Plastic Cups Installation inspired me to write a little poem called ‘The Missing Cup’.


I enjoyed my time so much in 2015 that I am returning to volunteer in 2016. I am looking forward to being involved once more in all aspects of Jupiter Artland.”


Ian, Exhibitions and Gardening Volunteer

“I volunteered with Jupiter Artland for few months in 2016. I graduated from Fine Arts almost ten years ago and after that I was traveling for some years and therefore had no opportunity to stay engaged with art and art projects. When I found out about Jupiter Artland volunteering opportunity I got very excited and I decided to make of it the most enriching experience possible. I decided to volunteer with both the gardening and learning team as they both matched my interests.


I wanted to learn more about gardening and Jupiter Artland has an amazing team of gardeners. They are great professionals, working directly with the sculptures and the forest and making the Jupiter Artland magic possible. I will never forget my first day when I ended up changing the grass inside ‘Suck’ by Anish Kapoor – one of my favourite artists. I couldn’t believe it!


Becoming Learning Assistant Volunteer and working within arts education was another perfect match for me, as I have been working for over ten years with children. As time showed this turned out to be another great decision! In fact, being at Jupiter Artland helped me to find my career path for the future. By collaborating with the wonderful Learning Staff I learnt a lot and I got really inspired. They are amazing educators and they really love what they are doing, and because of their energy the kids really get involved in the Jupiter Artland experience and art.


I can say that volunteering with Jupiter Artland was the best volunteer experience ever, the place is unique and magical, the connection between art and nature is perfect and pure, and people working there make the place really human and lovely. I can’t wait to be able to collaborate more with Jupiter Artland in the future!”


Gizane, Learning and Gardening Volunteer

“The first time I went to Jupiter Artland was when I was in 6th Year of High School in 2011. It was an absolutely inspiring experience to view contemporary art in an outdoor landscape and to be taken out of the classroom for a day. The second time I went back was on my Foundation course at Telford College which happened to be on one of the windiest days of the year.


After coming back from an exchange programme in Canada in 2014, I saw an advert looking for volunteers to work there. I jumped at the chance recalling all the fond memories I had there from previous visits. Throughout the summer, I spent my free time surrounded by the artwork in a relaxed environment and having wonderful conversations with the visitors. If it wasn’t for the many hours I sat with Katie Patersons’ “Earth Moon Earth” I would not have gotten my idea for my final dissertation!


I came back this September to work with their education department since I had decided I wanted to venture into arts education. I was terrified that I would turn up and learn that I just wasn’t comfortable working with small kids. Luckily, I was assigned to the Littlesparks classes led by Julie and Catriona who put me at complete ease and gave me the confidence and trust to work with such wonderful classes. Each day was its own adventure and we responded to what the children wanted to do. Whether it was from feather collecting competitions, making our own paint, imagining what creatures could be at the bottom of Anish Kapoor’s “Suck” or quite simply letting the kids be trolls under Ian Hamilton Finlay’s “Only Connect” bridge each day was tremendous fun. I had never considered how children view contemporary art until this point and will take many lessons learnt and skills with me. I could not recommend Jupiter Artland enough and it has been interesting watching it develop and grow as a charity but always keeps its ethos at the centre of its targets and goals.”


Maddie, Learning Volunteer

“I volunteered at Jupiter as an Information Assistant during the 2014 season. I was given the chance to get involved with lots of different activities, ranging from retail to assisting with de-installing Silvy Weatherall’s exhibition, working directly with the artist.


The staff were quick to offer advice and support, which was great coming from people already working in the kind of job I hoped to get in the future!


Having experienced the unique artistic and educational ethos of Jupiter I had a deeper understanding of what they were about, which was particularly useful when, after graduating, I set out to pursue a career in arts education. Having these vital contacts and experience made the transition into this field much easier, as I now work both with Jupiter Artland themselves as a Creative Learning Assistant, and with other arts organisations throughout Scotland.”


Catriona, Freelance Teacher

“When I heard that Jupiter Artland were looking for volunteers for the 2014 season I jumped at the chance and applied. Little did I know how enjoyable and fun this would be – working with a great team in fabulous surroundings. Never a dull moment and always lots to learn. My role as invigilator covers numerous tasks which range from meeting and greeting visitors, answering questions about the exhibitions and artists, background to Jupiter Artland and ensuring Jupiter’s dos and don’ts are being honoured. I like to think my role is to enhance the visitor experience, if that’s possible, while promoting the ethos/aims of Jupiter Artland.


Apart from chatting with visitors, which is always enjoyable and interesting, my memorable moments are doing the rounds of the grounds looking out for things that need attention, marvelling at the flowers and plants – ever changing throughout the season – and last but not least encouraging youngsters (and on occasions, the not so young!) to scale the “Life Mounds” using the flat paths instead of scrambling up/scooshing down the sloping sides!!! All in all, a great experience and one that I’m looking forward to repeating in 2022, my ninth season.”


Carol, Exhibitions Volunteer