Daisies Square Gift Box – 40 White Silk Daisies

Look stunning with our distinctive and charming silk daisy chains. You can wear them as an ornament wrapped around your wrist a few times, as a necklace or choker, as a bracelet or anklet, or in your hair as a haircrown. You can also grab strips of them across the top of your hair, plait or twist them into your hair plait, wrap them around a bun. Making a chain of daisies only takes a few minutes, and you can adjust the length to your preference by looping each daisy individually, undoing it, and making it up as many times as you’d like_x000D_
They will stay a lot longer than actual daisies, which wilt in half an hour, and people will ask you if they are real when you wear them!_x000D_
There are forty tiny silk petal daisies with fluffy yellow centres that are simply linked together using looped yarn stems (the total length when united is 60′′ or 160 cm), directions, and ribbon for the connecting. A daisy’s diameter is 17 mm._x000D_
Toy directive authorised and CE certified, however slight choking hazard prevents under-3-year-olds from using.


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