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Wardie Primary School worked with Jupiter over a period of 6 months on a whole school engagement project. Firstly the whole staff visited in November 2015 for a session to familiarise the staff and to inspire them for working with their classes on the project. In early February Helena Barrett, Jupiter’s Learning Coordinator, visited Wardie to understand what the school was keen to achieve and to see the wonderful outside space the P3-7 classes have there. Please read the blog post to find out what happened here.

Next all of the children in P3 to P7 visited Jupiter and discovered the wonderful artwork in the landscape by some of the world’s leading sculptors. The idea that artists made artwork in response to the land at Jupiter was explored.

Back at school the children got to work on creating their own Wardie Outdoor Art Trail. The children at Wardie Primary have a very special relationship with their outdoor space which is woodland and fields. Each class has a designated area where they play at their break times. This means that the children have a strong understanding of their space and this undoubtedly contributed to the wonderful work they made for each area. Find more images here.

The Jupiter team was very impressed by what we saw when we visited the exhibition at Wardie in April. Well done to all involved.