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Welcome to the Jupiter Artland Reconnect Trail: Follow your Jupiter Map to find the locations below.

Find moments of mindfulness as you follow our Easter Reconnect Trail around the Artland. Taking time to breathe in the changing season and embrace the sites and sounds of Jupiter in this self-guided wellbeing tour.

    1. Let’s begin the trail. Make your way to the lower woods and find The Light Pours Out of Me. Enter the gate and make your way down the narrow path into the centre of the artwork.

    Take some time to experience your environment and when you are ready, listen to the audio track below:

    2. Follow the paths through the woodland and towards the Duck Pond – you might spot some more artworks on your journey!

    Go through the gate and make your way onto the wooden pier.

    - Which artworks can you see?

    - Which artworks can you hear?

    - Can you spot our resident swans?

    When you are ready, watch to the video below. Can you copy the movements?

    3. Follow the paths around the pond and head towards The Cells of Life.

    Pilgrimage is an ancient activity that combines mindfulness with the physical act of taking a collective journey. When you arrive at the grassy mounds take a moment to experience your surroundings.

    If you are able to, remove your shoes and walk the mounds barefoot. If you can’t do this, use your hands to touch the ground.

    - Can you feel the softness of the earth?
    - Does it feel damp?

    Imagine all the many footsteps that have been here before. Imagine that each foot has left a golden print in the grass, that the paths are ribbons of gold, pulsing and glowing like arteries.

    - As you walk be present.
    - Feel the squishy ground between your toes.
    - Feel connected.

    4. Follow the winding road up through the Artland, taking time to stop at artworks on your way. Head towards and through the disabled car park. Before you reach the Steadings area, there is a small opening in the woodland to your left – enter here to find Coppice Room (accessible woodland entrance via the Steadings).

    “We humans look rather different from a tree. Without a doubt we perceive the world differently than a tree does. But down deep, at the molecular heart of life, the trees and we are essentially identical.”
    ― Carl Sagan

    Enter into Coppice Room - move as far in as you can, but don’t get stuck!

    - Take a deep breath – what can you smell?

    - Can you smell the decay of wood and the rot of leaves?

    - Breathe in again - can you smell life?

    You have now completed the Reconnect Trail. Congratulate yourself for taking the time to focus on mindful activity. We hope you have enjoyed your journey!