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Daniel Lie Rotten TV

Daniel Lie: Rotten TV British Council Digital Collaboration Fund

Online broadcasting studio and artist-residency series, bringing together thinkers from Indonesia, Brazil and the UK to rethink ideas of life, death and eco-system renewal. Supported by the British Council in advance of COP26 Climate Conference in Glasgow, 2021.


Website launching: 1 November
Programme dates: 1 November – 25 December 2021

Rotten TV is a digital residency and broadcasting studio for artists and thinkers from Indonesia, Brazil and the UK, rethinking perceptions of life, death and ecosystem renewal. Led by artist Brazilian/Indonesian artist Daniel Lie, Jupiter Artland are partnering with acclaimed arts organisations Cemeti Institute for Art & Society in Yogyakarta, Indonesia, and Casa do Povo, Sao Paulo, Brazil, amplifying the voice of the Global South in the debate on Climate Justice.

Entitled Rotten TV, this programme of artist-residencies and broadcasts brings together a diversity of perspectives on ideas of ‘rotting’, understood as the first stage of eco-system renewal; a process whereby that which has been discarded becomes the energy-source for that which is yet to come. Taking the natural cycles of rotting and renewal, this year-long digital programme invites artist to consider ideas of lifecycles, asking what is useful to leave behind and how artistic practices can contribute to self-sustaining ecologies. With six episodes broadcast throughout 2020, Rotten TV culimates in a weekend-long broadcast to coincide with the COP26, the UN Climate Change Conference taking place in Glasgow, November 2021.


The Digital Collaboration Fund is a new pilot fund offering grants by British Council to organisations in the UK and selected countries overseas to collaborate digitally on international projects.

Part of RESET & RISE: a summer season of residencies, broadcasts and artist-led projects at Jupiter Artland.
The triple-crises of 2021 – the climate emergency, the pandemic, and the Black Lives Matter Movement for social justice – have created a new learning landscape for artists and citizens alike. In this future, we are offered a choice to carry with us the burden of unsustainable practices, or to break with the past, and to imagine our world anew. This summer, the landscape of Jupiter will host a season of exhibitions, artist-led projects, residencies, broadcasts and international collaborations arranged around the theme of ‘reset and rise’ – rethinking our relationship to the land, ecology, social justice and mapping out possibilities for the future. This Reading Room introduces you to artists and artist-led initiatives leading the programme, which will culminate in November 2021 to coincide with Scotland’s hosting of the COP26 Climate Conference in Glasgow.

Daniel Lie
Brazilian/Indonesian transgender artist Daniel Lie has collaborated with Jupiter Artland since 2018, researching life, death, ancestors, negative time and using the landscape as a laboratory of ideas. In Daniel Lie’s work, time is central: from the most ancient memories, to the beginning of the world, the span of a human life, and the geological time of the elements. To highlight these timeframes, elements that have the time contained in them are used throughout their work, including decomposing matter and the growth of plants, fungi and the body.


Cemeti Institute for Art & Society
Cemeti Institute for Art & Society is Indonesia’s oldest platform for contemporary art, founded in Yogyakarta in 1988. Cemeti offers a platform for artists and cultural practitioners to develop, present and practice their work in close collaboration with curators, researchers, activists, writers and performers, as well as local communities across Yogyakarta.



Casa do Povo
Casa do Povo is a cultural centre based in Sao Paulo that revists and reinvents notions of culture, community and memory. Inhabited by dozens of different groups, movements and collectives, Casa do Povo expands the notion of culture. Its interdisciplinary, process-based programming and socially engaged activities see art as a critical tool in an ongoing process of social transformation.


“The British Council funding is a game changing shot in the arm for not only Jupiter but also the ability to support and work artists across the global South. This funding cements our work with Daniel Lie and creates a digital platform for other artists with the powerful message we are one, we can work together to be hopeful for and aware of our environment​”
“This collaboration has been endowed vital energy and brings optimism for us in this unsettling new year.”
“To be able to develop the project Rotten TV is a step towards a reparation of narrative regarding a crucial process of existence that is often pushed to the margins: understanding that the passage of time and the transmutation of organic matter through the process of rottenness is key for sustainability in multiple levels of life. I would like to thank the jury of this selection and British Council for this opportunity, and hope this project creates awareness and images for other possibilities of living.”