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JUPITER+ aims to tackle the diminishing uptake in creative subjects at school-leaver and higher education levels. It is our most ambitious Free Learning Programme to date, commissioned by Jupiter Artland to inspire the next generation of artists and creatives in Scotland.

The initial pilot ran in Perth from October 2022 – January 2023, and the project recently wrapped in Ayr, where it was open from September – December 2023. Jupiter’s Learning Team offered Free Learning visits to all schools and colleges and our Learning Studio saw young people from across Ayrshire critically analyse artwork, explore their own creative voice through storyboarding, develop new filmmaking skills and produce innovative short videos that champion activism.

Read more about the offer, impact and survey findings below.

Click here for JUPITER+ Perth Pilot Findings


Check out our latest updates from the JUPITER+ Ayr Learning Studios!

JUPITER+ aims to tackle the diminishing uptake in creative subjects at school-leaver and higher education levels, with our most ambitious Free Learning Programme to date inspiring the next generation of artists in Scotland. Jupiter’s Learning Team are offering Free Learning visits from September to December. Read more about what our team have been up to below…

16 September

Today, the JUPITER+ AYR Orbit Youth Collective got a behind-the-scenes experience of Rachel Maclean’s artwork on Ayr High Street.

25 September

University of West Scotland’s 4th year New Media Art were the first to take part of JUPITER+ Ayr’s Free Learning program – as a collective they produced three short films inspired by Rachel Maclean’s practice. Their works engage with important questions about the cost-of-living crisis, attitudes to those experiencing homelessness & what it feels like to live in a world in which violence against women is prevalent. It was such a pleasure to have Aislinn and here students in the space and be part of the conversations they were having in and around Rachel Maclean’s work and its relationship the High Street it exists on.

27 September

Today we got to meet a mix of student’s from different disciplines studying on Dr Aislinn White’s module moving image and time-based media. They made a series of small films employing their impressive editing skills using power director to communicate their desires to see Ayr become a more colourful vibrant place!

2 October

We have had a creative, engaging group in today bursting full of ideas and innovation, and collaborated. There was rich engagement with Rachel Macleans Artwork identifying and recognising stimulus for their critical analysis. Once back in the Learning Studio feedback form the group was clear and focussed showing a strong awareness of the terminologies and critical analysis process.This group showed strong team working skills, negotiating and working as a creative team to make their ideas happen. When transforming their backgrounds this group showed clear drawing and visualisation skills with original ideas expresses well. Storyboarding was sound enabling clear performances to occur within the green screen. Post production was utilised effectively to enhance their chosen narratives with time towards the end for some refinement and enhancement to push ideas towards their full potential. Engagement and contributions were made to the collective storyboards with narratives taking a darker twist.

3 October

One of Marr College’s Higher classes joined us today for a session. This group engaged with Rachel Maclean’s work and were able to analysis and create an stimulating conversation about the messages and meanings of the work using skills they learned throughout their time studying art in School.

In addition to the films they made as part of the workshop they also helped develop our collective storyboard. A large interactive project in which the participants across schools are contributing to one large story in an attempt to transform the our ever so slightly gloomy corridor space into something more attractive.

4 October

The National 5 Art and Design students from Marr College had a fantastic time at JUPITER+ Ayr today critically analysing Rachel Macleans artwork showing a strong awareness of the critical analysis process and clear insights into the messages and meaning embedded within this work. This was a small, focussed group that developed their confidence as the learning session unfolded. Working collaboratively in pairs students embraced a new way of working being participatory and activist in their own work forming engaging ideas. Strong drawing skills were demonstrated in transforming and visualising their chosen concepts and once in the green screen strong performances helped bring their work alive in focussed and engaging outcomes. Some groups worked right up to the deadline using the postproduction tools to extend their work to innovative final pieces.

5 October

Belmont’s Higher and Advanced Higher students were welcomed to the space including a member of the Jupiter+ Ayr Orbit Youth Collective. This energetic group made a series of films exploring the pressures that young women face to confirm to certain beauty standards, creating Alice in Wonderland-esque stories and animating some beautiful drawings into shorty snappy and in clips. Supported by their wonderful Art & Design teacher Mrs Gibson.

6 October

Today Marr College sent us their national 4/5 class for a great workshop! This group interacted with Maclean’s work and led a very vibrant conversation around the formal elements of the work and explore how they influence the messages and meanings of the piece at large.

After storyboarding their own films this group created some beautiful & dynamic background images for their films which explored environmental and cultural concerns these young people have for the communities that they live in.

9 October

Today was the last day of our week of workshops with the brilliant Marr College and what a lovely way to end our time together! This group of brilliant young people were

12 October

Ayrshire College’s Level 2 Steps into volunteering group came for a visit to our learning space today. The group got to enjoy and discuss Rachel Maclean’s installation. This piqued the group’s interest in animation and throughout the session the group explored different ways to animate small films using stop motion, paper cut outs, mixing live action footage with their own drawn images. The films they made were inspired by some of their favourite hobbies and stories.

27 October

Today we welcomed Queen Margaret Academy’s Advanced Higher Class for a lovely session in which the group produced two short films responding directly to their hometown of Ayr, one expressing their thoughts on the recent station hotel fire and the other exploring their feelings about the decline of Ayr town centre from what it once was and the potential that it still holds. The final part of the session was devoted to questions and advice about their upcoming applications to art school with members of today’s group aspiring to pursue careers in design, illustration and architecture.

30 October

A big group of students from Girvan Academy visited the learning space today for a workshop in which they mobilised their creative talents to make some films in response to Maclean’s work next door. This group used a variety of techniques both digital and physical to create things like animations that they interacted with. We saw such stories as the Cookie Massacre, being pursued through a forest by a creature, a commentary on electric energy & fixing up community spaces.

Working in partnership with South Ayrshire Council, and with support from Creative Scotland and Barcapel Foundation, Jupiter has recruited 16-to-18-year-olds from across Ayrshire to form the JUPITER+ORBIT Youth Council. These remarkable young people want to use their creativity to make a difference and are working with school groups in Ayrshire on an artwork showing the change they want to see in their community.

JUPITER+AYR has been made possible through a creative partnership between Jupiter Artland, South Ayrshire Council, Ayr Gaiety Theatre, University of West of Scotland, Edinburgh Napier University, SCAN and Engage with the support from The National Lottery through Creative Scotland and the Barcapel Foundation and our network of schools and colleges across the region.

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