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Time: 11 am to 12 pm


Age: 16+


Location: Cells of Life - Charles Jencks


Price: £5+

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Laugh your way to happiness with this workshop – led by Jo Bluett.

Laughter Yoga is totally inclusive and suitable for anyone who is open and willing to just laugh to feel good without the need for a trigger of humour, comedy or jokes. Based on science, we laugh with intention and playfulness to let go and to embrace our inner child. We laugh from our heart and our body opening up a well of laughter and unconditional joy that we maybe didn’t realise had been suppressed, blocked and neglected for so long.

Jo says “Therapeutic laughter gives us a total wellbeing workout and helps us to feel amazing on all levels – physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.”

Laughter Yoga is aerobic exercise based around playful laughter exercises combined with clapping, movement and deep breathing. Laughter and breathing.
Come along to this introductory session to laugh yourself healthier and happier!

The laughter session will finish with a mediation and a relaxation so please bring a yoga mat or a blanket to lie down on. A few chairs will be provided for those who might be more comfortable sitting.

About Jo Bluett

Jo Bluett is the founder of Laughter For Health and the Edinburgh Laughter Club.

Jo ran Edinburgh Laughter Club for over 10 years (pre-covid) and now runs a weekly class at Duncan Place in Leith. The feedback from all her regulars over the years and the changes experienced in health and mind show just how therapeutic laughter really can change lives for the better.