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Daniel Lie The Negative Years

Daniel Lie: The Negative Years 16/05/2019 - 14/07/2019

The Negative Years extended across both indoor galleries and outdoor spaces at Jupiter Artland to create a series of immersive installations utilising raw materials sourced from the Jupiter Artland landscape including flora, wool, clay and wood.

From vast accumulations of live flowers gradually decaying to traditional ceramics slowly cultivating native fungi and spaces physically heated by bio-digestion heaps, Lie’s visceral environments played collaboratively with natural processes, foregrounding the agency of organisms and harnessing their energy.

Combining organic sculptural forms with sound within performative space, Daniel’s installation transformed throughout its lifespan creating what the artist describes as a ‘geography of emotion’ provoking the audience’s senses in conflicting ways and showcasing the artist’s interests in ecology, ritual and cycles of life and death.


“Lie’s scrutiny of micro entities to wrestle macro issues has transformed Jupiter Artland into a biological pilgrimage.”
“[The Negative Years] offers new perspectives on the long and deep relationship between human and non-human species in acts of co-creation”
“There is a great thoughtfulness in this work, a sense of what links us all, no matter how we define ourselves, a sense of what is human delivered through what is not human, a sense, too, of our own insignificance.”
“I advise all those looking for some peace and time, and maybe a chance to reconsider our place on earth, to visit Jupiter this summer, and experience The Negative Years for themselves.”