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Peter Liversidge Out/Exit Piece, 1966/2020

Peter Liversidge: Out/Exit Piece, 1966/2020 Allan Kaprow at Jupiter Artland

In the Steadings Gallery, you will find Peter Liversidge’s SIGN PAINTING STUDIO, where you can place orders for artworks to be hand-painted by the artist’s studio. Individuals can take these placards with them, creating an intervention into everyday life, as placards are carried home, taken on public transport or otherwise dispersed through the city.

Peter Liversidge is reinventing Allan Kaprow’s only UK happening, which was originally created by Kaprow for the Edinburgh Festival in 1963.

Liversidge began this reinvention in collaboration with ORBIT Youth Council, a group of young people from across Scotland, and during lockdown expanded his modern-day reworking to encompass an installation of sign paintings on Jupiter’s exit road; a sign painting studio which the public can use to make placards; and a celebratory work consisting of One Thousand Thank Yous hand-painted by the Wilson family during lockdown, albeit under Peter’s remote tutelage.

To mark the traditional dates of Edinburgh Art Festival, Jupiter is also proudly participating in Liversidge’s Flags for Edinburgh with a white flag waving a friendly HELLO!


“The signs, brightly painted, make the entrance look like a maximised incarnation of the thank yous and rainbows placed in windows around the country over the last few months. ”
““Does the hawk see us too?” to “The sound of the wind in the pines”, each phrase a skein of a life that thought it during lockdown, a human concern, packed in amongst many.”

Dates for Peter Liversidge’s Sign Painting Studio at Juptier Artland will be announced shortly.